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The Scottish Independence Referendum

Cake Stuff will be closed on Thursday 18th September – orders will still be delivered as normal on the 18th but please bear in mind when ordering that we cannot ship any orders on that day.

A personal note from Alan – one of the directors here at Cake Stuff...

The 18th of September is a monumentally important day for everyone in Scotland – it’s the date on which we all vote in the referendum for Scottish Independence.

Cake Stuff, as a company, does not hold an opinion – that’s why I’m sending a personal note.

I believe that this is a matter for the individual people of Scotland to decide and, as is perfectly natural in a diverse and inclusive country like ours, there’s a wide range of views and opinions.  The fantastic people who make up the Cake Stuff team don’t all agree on which way to vote, but they do agree that they share the same hopes and concerns for the future.  They, along with everyone else living in Scotland, will be asked to express these views by voting in the referendum.

No matter my opinion / our opinions / your opinion, I hope you would agree that it is extremely important for those of us who have been given the opportunity to vote, to exercise this privilege.  In order to ensure that all our staff can vote and be involved in this historic event, Cake Stuff will be closed on Thursday 18th September.  You can still use the site and place orders as normal, but we cannot ship any new orders until Friday 19th.

It’s only one day and because we’ll be working around the clock to ensure no Standard Shipping orders are delayed, the only impact could be for customers placing Express Shipping orders after 2pm on Wednesday 17th or on Thursday 18th... those Express orders would be shipped on Friday 19th for delivery on Monday 22nd.

The referendum is only the starting point in what will be a long, complicated process of negotiations lasting years.  Nothing - absolutely nothing decided on the 18th of September will affect Cake Stuff, our customers, our prices, our products or our deliveries for a very long time yet... if at all.

It is difficult to say much more here without becoming political, which I don’t feel is appropriate.  What I would say, however, is that this referendum has attracted huge interest from all across the world.  A history of (often forced) emigration means that Scots have settled in large numbers in Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries. These families of Scottish descent may not be able to vote in our future, but they are involved nonetheless through their interest and messages of support and encouragement – for both sides of the debate. Many millions of people will be watching Scotland, but only those of us living here have been asked to vote.

The closer we get to the referendum, the more heated the debate has become and the more scare-mongering we have been exposed to.  The referendum is not “anti” anything or anyone... as a Scottish company with tens of thousands of valued customers in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and beyond, I get annoyed when certain sections of the media attempt to reduce the debate to the level of a Scotland v. England football match.  Not only does this show a complete ignorance of British history, but it ignores the fact that virtually all of us have family and friends living in other parts of the UK.  What I am trying to say is that whatever the outcome of the referendum - whatever the people of Scotland decide - it’s about us, and how we see the future for our children and the generations to come.  Just as everyone here at Cake Stuff may not agree with each other about how to vote but can still remain a close team and good friends, so the same goes for all of us no matter which side of the debate (or Hadrian’s wall) we may sit.

Please, whatever you do, don’t believe everything you read in the tabloid press or from the eejits with extreme positions on both sides – the type that TV channels just love to broadcast because it makes good viewing.  These people do not represent the vast majority of Scots, for whom the historical importance of what we’re being asked to decide has not been lost.

Whatever the result – whatever the future – it won’t be “anti” anyone and we’ll still be here helping you bake it better.  Please wish us the best, as each of us attempts to make this important choice wisely.

Warmest regards,


PS and to show I’m really trying to remain unbiased, here are just a couple of the main websites offering different views if you want to find out more: