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The new Cake Stuff website is now live!

Featuring the very latest in responsive website technology, cake-stuff.com now looks every bit as good on a mobile phone or tablet - images and page layouts will automatically resize to look great no matter how you're viewing

Apart from a fresher look and some cool new features, the new website shouldn’t feel too different – we've kept the same easy navigation, quick shopping and secure checkout features as before, so using the site should feel familiar - just better!

There are some great new features that we’re really looking forward to introducing you to over the coming weeks - too much to cover in one go - so watch for your “Latest News From Cake Stuff” email newsletters and we'll show you a few ways to really get the best out of the site - little tips and features that will make ordering faster and that could save you a little bit extra at the same time

We're now 100% on-line

Cake Stuff is now a 100% on-line business

We remain a small, family business but we are lucky enough to have nearly 100,000 customers and we’re getting busier every week, so you’ll understand that we’ve had to find ways to make everything slicker and more efficient, otherwise it’s going to be difficult to cope.  As it is, there's no way we can deal with the volume of phone calls from this many customers across various world time zones

Here at Cake Stuff HQ, our priority is to ship your order as quickly as we can.  With thousands of orders to ship every week, we have teams working in the warehouse from early in the morning 'til late at night and at weekends.  Everything has to be as slick and automated as possible - anything that causes a 'hiccup' can result in delays and several orders not being shipped that day

We don't have a shop and we don't take orders by phone - we concentrate on making sure Cake Stuff customers have access to a massive range of the best products from top worldwide brands at the very best prices, all wrapped up in a fun, attractive, easy-to-use website

The new website is part of our move towards an almost totally automated system that will enable us to stock more products and ship more orders faster than ever before, most with 1-hour delivery time slots – all without having to increase our famously low prices.  For 99% of our customers this is all good news

We'll be making the changes in small steps, allowing everyone to get used to any little changes - you probably won't even notice most of them

Being 100% on-line may not suit absolutely everyone and we understand this, but we don't pretend to be something we're not - we have competitors who have shops, offer classes and so on and do a really good job of it.  The thing we do a really good job of is on-line retailing


The Cake Stuff warehouse is packed with millions of goodies (over 7,500 different products) at prices that will definitely save you money.  The website means you can order from the comfort of your own home or phone, any time of day or night, and have everything delivered to your door - and for most customers we can even narrow that down to a 1-hour delivery window

With almost 100,000 customers to look after, living across so many international time zones, it's becoming impossible for every customer to reach us by phone easily - most times you call we'll already be on the line helping another customer.  We don't want to have an impersonal call centre, so we realise that we have to concentrate on doing everything totally on-line

We've analysed phone calls over the past 6 months and have identified the most common situations that could lead to a 'hiccup' with orders.  We've also found that the overwhelming majority (over 97%) of phone enquiries could have been answered in another way, so in order to ensure that more of our customers enjoy an even faster delivery service we have to avoid these phone calls

All communication is now via our new interactive Contact Us page so that our Customer Service team can respond to customers who need help with specific issues really quickly, without them trying to reach us by phone.  If you shop with Amazon, then you'll be familiar with the concept

To help, we’ve shown lots (lots!) of information about each product, so you shouldn't have to phone to ask about a product.  We’ve shown accurate delivery estimates and customised delivery options based on your address, so you shouldn't have to phone to ask about delivery.  Card payments are processed by SagePay (one of the world's most secure on-line payment providers) and PayPal, so you shouldn't have to phone to make payment

A fully automated system makes it impossible to catch duplicate orders or orders with an incorrect delivery address.  We’ll continue offering the friendly service we’re known for, but we are asking customers to just take a moment before confirming their order to double-check three little things . . .

  • you haven’t forgotten anything - we can’t add items to an order after checkout
  • your delivery address is correct - we can't change delivery instructions after checkout
  • you supply a mobile number - to get the DPD text with your 1-hour delivery slot

We know you want to be busy making cakes, so we want you to get the very best from the new website – saving you time and money every time you place an order.  Learning about some of the great new features will really help and we’re really looking forward to introducing these to you over the coming weeks, so please watch for your “Latest News From Cake Stuff” email newsletters . . . it’ll be worth it!