Rolkem Clearance Sale


We will be clearing all our remaining Rolkem stock at half price, plus if you’re a Trade customer you’ll also get your trade discount off the clearance prices. You won’t see exactly which products we have stock of until the sale begins, but it includes thousands of pots of dust colours including the gold, silver and rose gold 'Super' lustres that everyone wanted to get their hands on.


The Backstory

Some of you will remember that back in 2018, independent testing confirmed the presence of non-permitted substances in several Rolkem products.

Following investigations by Cake Stuff and laboratory testing commissioned by South Lanarkshire Council Environmental Health department, both Food Standards Scotland (FSS) and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) were advised of the findings.  The FSA then issued a ‘FAFA’ (Food Alert For Action) notice in July 2018 that made the sale or use of Rolkem products illegal throughout the UK.

There was never any product recall as such, but Cake Stuff invited our customers to return any Rolkem products they had ordered from us in the previous 12 months for a full credit.  Many of you did exactly this.

Rolkem assured the FSA that they would provide new certification to prove their products were correctly labelled to show all ingredients and that these had been independently tested by an accredited laboratory, but in the past 2 years they have basically done nothing and tried to quietly withdraw the brand from the UK and Europe.  Rolkem also promised to refund or replace all the stock that we had, but that never happened either.  Rolkem is still available for sale in the USA, although we know the FDA were investigating after seeing what had happened over here. 

We have obviously not sold any Rolkem products since 2018 so we still have thousands of pounds worth of stock available.  In 2019 the FSA decided that Rolkem products could now be sold as ‘non-edible’ sugarcraft dusts / lustres / glitters for use on what the FSA refers to as 'fake cakes'.  Within the cake decorating world we recognise this to mean dummy cakes, display and exhibition pieces – basically anything that’s not intended for consumption.


The Survey

In February 2019, we invited our customers to take part in a little questionnaire, asking them if we should sell our remaining stock of Rolkem products as ‘non-edible’.  The results were overwhelmingly in favour of us doing exactly that with 87% of you saying that you would be happy for us to sell off our Rolkem stock. We were surprised by this, but there was no denying of what a huge majority of customers wanted us to do.

You can read more about the survey results here.

We’ve never offered Rolkem for sale since then . . . we were busy with lots of new products and then Coronavirus came along, so we still have all that stock sitting here.


No matter how clear we try to be, some customers will simply not read what we’re saying, will pick up on FB gossip or will simply misunderstand about us selling Rolkem again, so we want to be really, really clear . . .

  • we will never, ever stock Rolkem again so if you have used Rolkem products in the past and plan to use them on non-edible toppers, dummy cakes or exhibition or display cakes etc at any time over the next few years then this is probably your one and only chance to stock up

  • We’re not opening up another discussion into Rolkem (we did all that 2 years ago) so especially if you’re a new Cake Stuff customer and don’t know what all the fuss is about, please understand that we’re not going to be able to respond to emails or FB messages about Rolkem.  With much smaller teams in our warehouses and with most of our Customer Service team working from home, it’s just not possible to go into the whole situation all over again.  We hope you will understand

  • Rolkem products are sold as strictly non-edible – we have added bright labels to every single pot to remind customers of this

  • You should not use Rolkem products on any product that is intended for consumption – if you do, you are breaking the law, not us

  • We are not offering Rolkem products for re-sale.  If you buy them from us to sell in your own shop or on eBay etc then the responsibility for ensuring consumers know the products are strictly non-edible is yours, not ours

  • Best Before dates shown on pots are irrelevant – the products are non-edible

  • This is all unsold stock - any products that were returned by customers were destroyed long ago


Now if all that sounded a bit abrupt in places then we apologise, but we hope you will understand that in agreeing to sell off our remaining stock (as over 85% of customers asked us to) we don’t want to open a can of worms.

The safest advice we can offer is this . . . if you’ve never heard of Rolkem or if you have any reservations about using Rolkem products as non-edible products, then simply don’t order.  Let this clearance sale pass you by and watch for the next one, as it may have products that you’re more interested in.

On the other hand, if you used to use Rolkem products and have been dying to get your hands on some again for the past couple of years then don’t miss what will almost certainly be your one-and-only opportunity to stock up.

The popular 'Super' and metallic lustre ranges will no doubt sell out first, so we'll use a kind of 'Dutch auction' system, where we'll steadily reduce prices further over the next month until absolutely everything is sold.  So you can jump in at the start and grab the products you really want, or you can wait off and pick up some crazy bargains - it depends if you enjoy a little gamble.  :o)

Thank you for your continued support throughout the Rolkem fiasco.  We hope you manage to get your hands on some before the brand disappears from the UK for good.