Product Recall


Power Supply Unit

March 2022

A product that Cake Stuff previously sold has failed a safety test and no longer meets the requirement of the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 2016. We therefore need to advise you of the following.
Below is a Product Recall notice for the Power Supply Unit for the Spectrum Flow Air Brush & Compressor kit which detailing the hazard and action required.

Due to the position of the transformer where there was inadequate separation between the primary and secondary windings, this product has failed testing. Therefore, potentially presenting a hazard of electric shock under fault conditions.
Stop using the product immediately and check to see that the model number matches model YCZX-24W1258. If it does, please:
1.     Email [email protected] to receive a pre-paid returns label specifically for this recall
2.     Print a copy of the label when you receive it
3.     Place the power supply unit only in a small box and seal
4.     Affix the CollectPlus delivered by Yodel label to your parcel
5.     Click on here to find your local drop off centre
6.     Take your Parcel to your local drop off location
7.     Retain your receipt as proof of sending and track your return online
8.     Your parcel will be delivered back to us within 5-7 working days
Although we were bitterly disappointed to learn from our supplier that the product has fallen short of the required regulations, we hope you can understand the decision they have taken to recall this product and accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.