It's back...


Black Friday has quickly become one of the busiest dates in the retailing calendar with lots of tempting offers online.

However, the downside is that all UK courier companies struggle to keep up with the massive increase in deliveries in the week immediately following Cyber Weekend and there’s a very good chance that many deliveries will be delayed.

That's not good news for cake makers who may be relying on supplies arriving for important cake orders.  

So, as we've done in the past, we're getting things started a week earlier with...


P I N K   T H U R S D A Y


Thursday 17th November (as all the long-standing members of the Cake Stuff community know!) is now known as PINK THURSDAY! As an added incentive to place your order just that little bit earlier, before all the Black Friday madness, we’re offering some fantastic deals with huge savings to be made! 

There's no discount code required - all the products involved will automatically be discounted until 23:59 on Thursday 17th November 2022 . . . just make sure you log into your Cake Stuff account before adding anything to your basket.

More importantly, planning ahead and ordering on PINK THURSDAY will help you avoid the inevitable delays that everyone else will be suffering the week after Cyber Weekend.

Because we know there will be delays following Cyber Weekend, the delivery estimates we show at checkout will take this into account. We are advising customers to allow at least a week for delivery on Standard Shipping orders placed over Cyber weekend and we may not even be able to offer the Express Shipping option that week. Whereas if you place your order on PINK THURSDAY, you'll have everything before Black Friday even arrives!

We realise that many cake orders are placed last-minute but, where possible, try to stock up on some essentials a little in advance by ordering on PINK THURSDAY and you should avoid all the stress and hassle of courier delays caused by Black Friday.

Cake Stuff do not have a Black Friday sale, so don't hold off!


Important notes about this year's PINK THURSDAY promotion . . .

It's a fun promotion - with the emphasis being on fun - so here's just a little extra guidance to help keep it that way . . .

This year we have hundreds of products included but these will only be available at the lower prices in the PINK THURSDAY department, so that's where to head. It's easy to find - you can click on the sticky banner at the top of the page or go to our home page and click on the main PINK THURSDAY banner.

No matter how much prior notice we give and how much information we provide, the excitement of a busy promotion like this can mean some customers may do everything a little too quickly, which can lead to little errors and them getting upset with us about it. All we can do is provide the information . . .

  • The website will be busy - very busy - so don't be surprised if it runs slow at times
  • We have a lot of stock in our warehouse but we will sell out of some products, without a doubt . . . c'est la vie
  • Not all 11,000 products are included - only those in the PINK THURSDAY department have extra savings applied
  • the same products may be available elsewhere on the website at normal prices, so shop within the PINK THURSDAY department
  • We cannot stress enough the importance of being logged in to your Cake Stuff account before adding products to your basket
  • Please remember that (as with any ecommerce website) simply putting a product in your basket does not mean it has been reserved for you.  With thousands of customers visiting the site at the same time, lots of customers could have the same products in their baskets - the stock is not reserved for you until you complete checkout and, to be fair to everyone, that's done on a first-come-first-served basis
  • Double check you've ordered everything you want before checking out - the system is completely automated and we cannot amend or add to any orders manually
  • Make sure your delivery address is correct (especially if you choose to pay by PayPal) and that you include a mobile number - that way you'll receive text alerts from your chosen courier with delivery updates
  • We may have to temporarily remove the Express Shipping option if the number of orders being received hits a certain level.  This happens automatically to ensure that all the orders already in the queue are shipped on time.
  • We will have a hard working team in our warehouse picking and packing orders in strict date-time order to help ensure everything is delivered within the estimate shown at checkout, but please allow an extra day to be safe
  • Many everyday products like cake boards and boxes are in short supply right now and those we can source have rocketed in price. We've worked really hard to keep our prices as low as they are, so you'll understand why we can't also offer big discounts on products that are actually very difficult to get hold of


Terms & Conditions

  • Express Shipping option may not be available due to volume of orders being received - please note delivery timescale shown at checkout
  • Free UK delivery for orders of £70 or more
  • Full product information including Best Before dates are shown in the product details so check if dates are important to you
  • Not all 11,000+ products will be included - only those in the PINK THURSDAY department
  • The promotion ends at 23:59 on Thursday 17th November 2022
  • You must log in to your existing account or register a new account on the Cake Stuff website before adding anything to your basket
  • All Pink Thursday products can be found in our PINK THURSDAY department - the same products may be available elsewhere on the website at normal prices
  • There is no discount code to enter - the prices for all applicable products will be discounted automatically during the promotion
  • No discount codes apply to PINK THURSDAY sale products
  • No additional Trade or Wholesale discounts apply to PINK THURSDAY sale products
  • All items subject to availability
  • Product dimensions, ingredients / allergy advice etc (where applicable) and other information are all clearly shown in 'Product Details' for every single item
  • Delivery estimates are shown at checkout for each delivery option - these are our maximum target delivery dates so please ensure the date suits before choosing that delivery option
  • Standard Cake Stuff Terms & Conditions apply