Coronavirus Update - 16th June 2020

Many of our customers will be opening their doors for business again this week, after months of being closed

As the four UK nations emerge from lockdown at different speeds we want to wish all our customers the very best as they re-open, whenever that happens to be where you live.

We’ve been open throughout with a much smaller team who have been working long hours in new shift patterns 7 days a week, for months now. The truth is we’re pretty shattered, a bit bruised and tattered around the edges but we’re still here and we’re now seeing the first signs of coming out of this dreadful pandemic, so it was worth it. And we’re not going anywhere - we’re here to support you as your business takes its first crucial steps towards whatever will become our new normal.

There are still challenges . . . there’s an international shortage of food-approved card so cake and cupcake boxes are proving scarce, international shipping almost ground to a halt so imports of many popular brands have been delayed, UK couriers are struggling under a massive increase in parcel volume, plus absolutely everything we do must be within strict hygiene and social distancing rules. So although we may be sold out of a few more products than normal, and although some deliveries may take a day more than before, we have made massive changes to meet these new challenges and we are getting there.

We’re sourcing everyday essentials likes boards and boxes from several manufacturers and despite massive increases in costs, we have not (repeat NOT!) increased our prices. You’ve supported us and we want to support you in return.

We’re here for you and will do whatever we can to help and support you as you re-open for business, so good luck and stay safe!


Photo credit: Sunflower Bakery