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There's lots of information about Couture below . . . its development, testing and even the Money Back Guarantee.

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COUTURE - the new Great British luxury sugarpaste

Couture is the new Great British luxury quality sugarpaste everyone is talking about

Made exclusively for Cake Stuff to our own unique specification, Couture is the perfect sugarpaste for wedding and other high-end celebration cakes, where quality of finish means everything

Couture doesn't crack, split or craze (especially around corners) or form unsightly elephant skin if prepared correctly.  The ultra-fine icing sugar makes it a 'dense' paste that takes a little bit of work to get it going, so simply knead well to activate the natural gums and you'll quickly realise just how good this sugarpaste really is

Every cake maker has their own personal favourite brand of sugarpaste and, with now over 60,000 customers, you can probably imagine how many times we hear about a brand that one customer loves but another customer hates. We often wondered if it would be possible to combine the best features of the various best selling brands into one, amazing sugarpaste

Couture is what we came up with . . . made using very special ultra-fine icing sugar and the finest Gum Tragacanth - ingredients which are much more expensive than the icing sugar and Tylo powder found in other sugarpastes.  These luxury ingredients help create the smoothest fondant yet for a flawlessly satin smooth icing that dries to an almost porcelain-like, silky finish

Couture offers the quality of finish of Massa Ticino, the slightly elastic handling properties of Satin Ice, the covering properties of Renshaw Pro (Regalice) and the delicious vanilla taste of Covapaste - all at the price you'd expect to pay for Renshaw Covering Paste

The previous manufacturer was simply unable to keep up with demand and let us and our customers down just too often, so for the past few months we've been working behind the scenes on a new, improved version of Couture


hundreds of customers helped us create the new Couture

Over the past couple of years literally hundreds of cake makers have helped us with feedback to continually improve Couture, but since February we've really been working hard to develop a new Couture

In the final stages of testing, we worked with 50 busy cake makers who already use Couture, so know it well.  We gave them 3 unidentified numbered samples and cake dummies.  We asked them to have a play around - to cover the dummies and let us know what they thought of each sample for handling and covering properties, colour, texture, taste and overall quality of finish

We collated all their responses - we listened to what our customers told us and made a few final tweaks . . .

  • new sealed packs minimise the possibility of the paste forming a crust, so there's no longer any risk of little hard pieces of sugar being mixed in when kneaded
  • investment in massive state-of-the-art mixers means that we can now achieve excellent consistency between batches, in terms of texture, colour and flavour
  • we produce 1,500 x 5kg boxes every week so Couture should hopefully never be shown as 'sold out' on our website ever again
  • this increased volume means we can offer our customers a superb product made with the finest (and expensive!) ingredients for the same sort of price as they'd expect to pay for an everyday brand of sugarpaste

100% exclusive to Cake Stuff


Couture is 100% exclusive to Cake Stuff - no matter what anyone tells you, you cannot buy Couture from the manufacturer direct or from any national wholesaler, nor can you buy the same product sold under a different name

There's a lot of nonsense on social media just now as jealous competitors rush to find ways to associate themselves with Couture, or to offer their customers a product which they'll pretend is the same as Couture.  Some have even suggested that Couture is simply an existing sugarpaste with our label stuck on the box.  We can promise you it's not - as you can see from the ingredients, Couture is made exclusively for Cake Stuff - the ingredients are quite different to any other sugarpaste . . .

If it doesn't say Couture on the box, it isn't Couture inside !

We've switched to a new manufacturer, who is much more capable of meeting the demand from Cake Stuff customers.  Couture is made to our unique specification, developed over months of extensive testing with busy cake makers all over the UK.  Yes, you may be able to buy something fairly similar to the old Couture elsewhere, but why would you when the new Couture is better - both in terms of quality and price?

Our normal prices are extremely competitive but members of the Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School save an extra 10% plus we offer additional savings to Trade & Wholesale Customers, and we are happy to discuss bulk ordering for larger cake making businesses who wish to switch to Couture as their preferred brand

the only sugarpaste with a Money Back Guarantee

Couture is made with ultra-fine icing sugar, which means the icing is very 'dense'.  It needs a bit of work and kneading (more than a softer sugarpaste like Renshaw Covering Paste) to activate the gums and get the paste to the right consistency to give you that perfect finish.  If you're used to another brand, allow yourself a little time to get used to the feel and to the new way of working the sugarpaste - even having hot or cold hands can make a difference to how much kneading is required.

Over the past couple of years we've sold thousands of boxes of Couture as more and more busy cake makers switch from their previous brand to Couture.  The vast majority of customers who try it become 'Couture Converts' and we'd love for you to try it too . . .

. . . in fact, we're so confident you'll fall in love with Couture that it is the only sugarpaste to come with a Money Back Guarantee

Any guarantee has to have a couple of Terms & Conditions, so here's how it works . . .

  • try Couture in place of your normal brand - you can order as much as you like but if you've never tried it before, we'd suggest trying a 5kg box or even a 2½kg pack
  • follow the preparation instructions - it may feel slightly different to your previous brand
  • try it and if you genuinely don't like it and prefer to stick with your previous brand, just let our Customer Service team know within 30 days by email at [email protected], quoting your order number.  We'd also appreciate you letting us know what your normal brand is and why you prefer it to Couture
  • we will credit your Cake Stuff account with the amount you paid for up to 1 x 5kg box so that you can use the money to buy some more of your previous brand
  • the understanding is that you want to stick with your previous brand so won't order Couture again - the Money Back Guarantee is therefore available once per customer

13,500 Couture samples given away to date . . .

We had 10,000 samples of Couture produced for Cake International in Birmingham (November 2016).  500 were given away in goody bags at the Cake Masters Awards ceremony and hundreds more were given away in goody bags by Cake Masters and Cake International magazines at the show.

Over the weekend we gave away the entire balance of these 10,000 samples, all in their gorgeous pink boxes.  Demand was so high that we ran out completely, so we promised that we'd happily post out a sample to anyone who wanted one, completely free of charge.  In response to this offer, we posted out a further 3,500 samples during the following week.

This all means that thousands (literally) of cake makers have now tried Couture for themselves and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Orders are through the roof and we've increased production to 1,500 boxes per week to keep up with demand.

It was also amazing to see just how many competition entrants and prize winners had used Couture for their exhibition cakes - if anyone still has any doubts about the quality of Couture then the fact that these top cake artists entrusted their competition creations to Couture should say it all!

Free samples are still available for anyone who would like to try Couture for the very first time and find out what all the fuss is about.  Because we have to charge for P&P, it's best to add one to your normal order - see page for full details 

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Couture is a vailable in white and ivory, supplied in 2.5kg sealed packs or as 2 x 2.5kg sealed packs per 5kg box, with other colours planned for the near future

Couture is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and is awaiting Kosher certification

Couture can be coloured and flavoured as with any premium sugarpaste and can also be used as an excellent modelling paste by adding some Tylo Powder. Couture is also the ideal sugarpaste for cake artists who wish to paint on the surface, as the dense nature of the paste means colours are far less likely to bleed and run as with other brands

Please see individual product listings for detailed information including ingredients, allergy and religious observance advice


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