Industry Update: Price Increases

It’s that time again... 

We’re sure, by now, that when you read the words “industry update”, they fill you with dread – it's certainly how we feel writing them! But, as always, our priority is to be as open with our customers as possible, and let you know in advance when change is around the corner. Because the only thing worse than a price increase, is a surprise price increase, right? 

Unless you’ve been living off the grid on a tropical island this year (and if so, where’s our invite?!), you’ll no doubt have witnessed the price of just about everything going up. Despite our best efforts, this increase has now reached some of our edible cake decorating essentials. Thanks to the increased price of sugar and other raw materials, we can no longer afford to put this off. 

You might remember we adjusted our shipping costs earlier this summer, which helped keep these prices down a little bit longer. But with costs from our suppliers soaring recently, we’ve finally had to accept that this change is inevitable. As of next week, you will notice an increase in prices of both sugarpaste and marzipan across our site. 

We wanted to address this in advance, before the price changes go live, to make sure everyone is prepared. Your loyalty and support mean the absolute world to us here at Cake Stuff, and the last thing we want to do is blindside you! As business owners, we know that you all understand the challenges involved in meeting costs while keeping customers happy. Your kind comments in moments like this always show us what a wonderful community we have built. 

With such intense pressure on the global economy, we’ll be honest; none of us need a crystal ball to know that this likely won’t be the last pricing announcement you’ll read in the coming months. But we’ll all deal with that together when the time comes! Right now, we’re focusing on what we can control, and that is keeping you informed, and keeping these increases to a minimum wherever we can. 

Despite the challenges of the moment, we remain the most-competitive and best-stocked cake decorating and sugarcraft supplies company in the market. We are consistently reviewing all options and again, if things get better, we will have no hesitation in reverting any increases that have come in; you have our word. 

As ever, in any way we can, we are dedicated to helping you bake it better.