Important Changes - things are about to get even better!

Cake Stuff has grown massively in the last few years.  So much so that the Cake Stuff HQ warehouse is now bulging at the seams and we are struggling to find space for any new products

The good news is that we think we've found a solution!

We want to let you know about some of what's been happening and also about more important changes coming very soon.  We want to explain the reasons for these changes as fully as possible, without giving away too much that our competitors may find useful (they like to nosey around on our website)
We realise it looks like a lot of information, but if you're a regular Cake Stuff customer, you really need to read this . . .

Our new warehouse


Cake Stuff now operates from 2 warehouse locations . . . 'Warehouse A' is our HQ in Lesmahagow, plus we also now have our new 'Warehouse B' at a top secret location

Warehouse A is packed full with stocks of 8,000 different product lines - everything from tiny cutters to pallets of sugarpaste.  Space is at an absolute premium and the lack of space is preventing us expanding the range or operating as efficiently as we want to.  Warehouse B allows us to split stock between two locations, freeing up valuable space

We're keeping Warehouse B's location secret as we can't have customers, reps, deliveries etc turning up there.  All business, customer service, ordering etc takes place at Warehouse A, leaving Warehouse B to get on with fulfilling their share of orders

Until now, both Warehouses A and B have carried more-or-less the same range of products.  We decided to do it this way until Warehouse B was fully up-and-running, but we are sure you'll agree that it doesn't make sense to have the same products in two places.  It makes a lot more sense for us to make use of all that extra space and have each warehouse hold different products

So over the next few months we will continue adding more products to the website.  Our target is to offer 10,000 different products by the end of the year, making our range the largest in the UK.  Some of these products will only be stocked at Warehouse A and some will only be stocked at Warehouse B, so we've been working on a way to split an order between the two warehouses and still have it delivered to our customer as one complete order

an even bigger range & faster deliveries


The lack of space at Warehouse A also limits the number of people who can work there at the same time, so one of the biggest benefits with opening Warehouse B is that we have a completely separate team picking and packing orders, seven days a week, enabling us to ship orders even faster than normal.

In fact, we're now delivering over 90% of all orders EARLIER than the delivery estimate we show at checkout

At the same time, we are introducing our new computerized warehouse / stock management system.  The team members picking your orders and checking in deliveries at the back door will be using hand-held scanners rather than printed order forms and the whole system will be much faster, slicker and almost completely automated.  This should help us keep over 95% of available product lines in stock at any time

So we can now add thousands more products to the range, we can carry more stock and we can ship orders faster

All of this is vital in helping us keep prices low for our customers.  Almost everything we stock has increased in cost due to the poor exchange rate - either because it's a product we import direct from manufacturers overseas or because it is sugar-based (sugar is traded in Euros or US dollars).  Despite almost everything costing us more, we have hardly increased the selling price of any products at all during 2017-18

Cake Stuff is famous for offering our customers very competitive prices and we can only continue to do this if we are able to purchase in large volume and operate very efficient warehouses

split shipping

To operate two warehouses efficiently requires some pretty clever computer-geeky-type stuff (that we don't fully understand), so beginning at the end of May 2018 we are conducting a 3 month trial where all orders placed on our website are automatically split between the two warehouses.  Some orders will be sent from Warehouse A and others from Warehouse B; but the really clever bit is where one order is split into two parts - one part shipped from Warehouse A and the other part from Warehouse B

Some customers may have experienced us 'experimenting' with this system (occasionally a small part of your order may have arrived by Royal Mail and the main part by DPD) but we're now ready to flick the switch and work some real magic . . .

Because we use DPD for most courier deliveries, we can ship one part of the order from Warehouse A with the other part from Warehouse B, and DPD are able to match up the boxes and deliver them to the customer as one consignment - something you'll be used to if you regularly order from Amazon

DPD can still deliver separate boxes at different times of the day because they may be on different vans but that happens with all DPD deliveries, so our split-shipping system is just as reliable as any other DPD delivery

We can do all this at no extra cost to the customer and you still get text / email alerts from DPD to update you, including confirming your one-hour delivery time slot

changes you may notice

Most of the changes taking place will be in the background, so the move to operating between 2 warehouses should (we hope) appear pretty much seamless to our customers.  Because orders may be split between 2 warehouses, your order may arrive as 2 parts - part A (from Warehouse A) and part B from . . . you've guessed it!

There may be times when most of your order arrives in boxes from Warehouse B and just one small item arrives packed in a box on its own from Warehouse A.  We realise this may look slightly odd but please remember it hasn't cost you a penny more for us to send the order this way, so don't worry about it!

All our packaging material is recycled and/or recyclable - even our packing chips are made from maize so can be composted or flushed safely down the loo or sink without any risk of blockage, as they dissolve in water.  Plastic air bubbles can be burst to take up a tiny amount of space in your plastic recycling bin.  We will continue to tweak the system during the trial period to ensure we use even less packaging material than before

Remember that DPD will still deliver everything as one consignment, but there are a few differences you may notice if your order is split . . .

  • your order will be split into 2 separate orders (eg WEB123456-A and WEB123456-B) but the total paid remains exactly the same
  • when your order is shipped you'll receive 2 emails: 'order despatched warehouse A' and 'order despatched warehouse B'
  • invoices are attached as pdf's to these emails so you can print them out or store them electronically - so you'll receive 2 invoices (eg WEB123456-A and WEB123456-B)
  • part-order 'A' will have a printed copy of the invoice enclosed
  • part-order 'B' will have a printed delivery note enclosed (the invoice is emailed to you)
  • any delivery charge will be shown on invoice 'A' - we promise you are not paying a penny more to have the order arrive from 2 locations
  • the packaging may look different between the 2 parts of the order.  This is because Warehouse B has a state-of-the-art box-building machine that created boxes the appropriate size for the products, whereas warehouse A uses pre-made boxes
  • your order will appear in your Order History as 2 separate orders, eg WEB123456-A and WEB123456-B

exciting times ahead

Any change can feel a little strange at first, especially to regular customers who are so used to receiving their Cake Stuff orders the same way every week.  Because the advantages of this new system are so good, we're confident that once you've received your next couple of Cake Stuff orders, you won't even remember the changes

We also want to assure you that none of this is going to cost you a penny more nor should it mean more work or any inconvenience.  On the contrary, this new system allows us to deliver orders faster, be more environmentally friendly and keep our prices as low as possible at the same time

The key is 'automation'.  Everything is now very slick, very fast and very automated as the computer system works out how best to split an order between two warehouses

We hope you'll understand that we just cannot make manual changes to orders any more, so to avoid any hiccups, delays or disappointments please . . .

  • include everything you need to order before completing checkout - we cannot add to your order after checkout
  • choose a delivery option that suits - we show a delivery estimate for each order at checkout and try very hard to deliver sooner than this if we possibly can
  • ensure your delivery address is correct - especially if paying by PayPal, as they can often supply an old address stored in your PayPal account
  • don't duplicate an order - we won't notice and you will receive two orders!
  • provide a mobile number - that way you'll receive DPD text alerts confirming your one-hour delivery window and offering a range of 'In-Flight' options


We are confident that these changes will allow us to offer our customers an even better experience . . . a bigger range to choose from, faster deliveries and better prices wherever possible.  We're all really excited about the 3 month trial and look forward to bringing you updates as new products, features and delivery options become available

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