Europe . . . we're back!

Did you miss us? We certainly missed you.

You may remember that following Brexit, we regretfully had to suspend all European delivery options - a choice that we were unfortunately forced to make. 

However, we made a promise that we would closely monitor the situation over the following months to see if there was any way that we could resume offering our full catalogue of products to our customers in Ireland and mainland Europe. 

We are glad to announce that from today, we will be resuming European delivery with our new courier partner DHL.

Below is an overview of all our new delivery options along with their timescale and cost by weight bracket:

Country  Delivery Time  Price (Up to 30kg)  Price (30 to 60kg)  Price (Over 60kg)
 Belgium 3 days £49.95  £84.95  £114.95
 Luxembourg 2 days £49.95  £84.95  £114.95
 Netherlands 2 days £49.95  £84.95 £114.95 
 Austria 3 days £55.00 £99.95 £129.95
Denmark  3 days £55.00 £99.95 £129.95 


 4 days  £55.00 £99.95   £129.95
 Italy  3 days  £55.00 £99.95   £129.95 
 Portugal  4 days  £55.00  £99.95   £129.95 
 Spain  4 days   £55.00  £99.95  £129.95 
Sweden 3 days    £55.00  £99.95  £129.95 
Bosnia  6 days   £55.00  £99.95  £129.95 
Bulgaria  7 days   £55.00  £99.95  £129.95 
Croatia 6 days    £55.00  £99.95  £129.95 
Czech Republic 4 days    £55.00 £99.95   £129.95 
Estonia  5 days    £55.00 £99.95   £129.95 
Greece  8 days   £55.00 £99.95   £129.95 
Hungary   3 days   £55.00 £99.95   £129.95 
Latvia   5 days   £55.00 £99.95   £129.95 
Lithuania   6 days   £55.00  £99.95   £129.95 
Poland 4 days £55.00 £99.95 £129.95
Romania 4 days £55.00 £99.95 £129.95
Slovakia 3 days £55.00 £99.95 £129.95
Slovenia 3 days £55.00 £99.95 £129.95
Republic of Ireland 2 days £45.00 £79.95 £109.95
France 2 days £49.95 £84.95 £114.95
Germany 2 days £49.95 £84.95 £114.95

Why is it expensive to ship to Europe? 

We know . . . it's not as cheap as it used to be! Unfortunately, due to Brexit, these are the cheapest options available to us at the moment. We can guarantee you that Cake Stuff does not make any kind of profit from these options and we are consisently reviewing options and methods to make delivery to Europe more cost-effective. We will be installing a visible weight calculator at checkout to show you the weight of your basket so you can get the most out of your order within the weight brackets shown above.

Are there any products that we cannot ship to Europe now?

We worked hard to find delivery options to that we could still offer our full catalogue of over 11,000 products to our European customers  and we are glad to say, we succeeded! Even though it involves a wee bit more paperwork on our end, the delivery options that are now live mean that you will have a limitless shopping experience on the Cake Stuff website.

Are there any hidden extra charges?

No. We have handled all of the boring paperwork for you and included the applicable import duty costs within the prices shown in the table above. The only time we may contact you to ask for an additional payment is for orders over 90kg, however we are developing ways that all costs will be shown at checkout in the near future for those orders.

If you have any other questions, feel free to use our contact form or email us at [email protected] and our team will get back to you as quickly as possible.

We are really excited to be delivering to our customers in Europe again and we look forward to helping you bake it better once again!