Environmental Responsibilities

Cake Stuff have always taken our environmental responsibilities seriously but now that we’re all seeing the extent of the problem caused by plastic especially, we’re trying to make even more improvements ??

  • Our packing chips are made from maize starch and dissolve completely in water so can be safely flushed down the sink or loo – they need take up no space at all in anyone’s bin
  • Our packing chips can be composted and are fully biodegradable, so even if they do find their way to landfill they will dissolve very quickly . . . in seconds when they come into contact with water!
  • They're also safe for pets and kids should they be tempted to eat any
  • All the boxes we ship your orders in have a high proportion of recycled material and can be fully recycled
  • We ship most orders by DPD – one of the UK’s few certified carbon neutral couriers
  • All the incoming cardboard from orders we receive from our suppliers is recycled
  • Plastic packaging air pillows are made from recycled plastic and use a tiny proportion of plastic compared to the volume of space they fill - burst them and they take up virtually no room in your recycle bin (classed as recyclable by most UK local authorities, although not by all as yet)
  • We’re working with all our suppliers to encourage them to reduce packaging (*see below)
  • We've invested in state-of-the-art, super-efficient, low energy warehouse heating and lighting
  • We recycle everything we can - recycling targets for businesses in Scotland are pretty strict (and quite rightly too!) so we do everything we can to minimise waste, although we admit our new box-making machine at Warehouse B has occasionally thrown a wobbly and produced a box that was far too large for the size of order - we apologise and have fixed the glitch!
  • We consider the environmental and ethical impact of everything we buy, before we buy it – from thousands of products right down to the loo paper and Fair Trade coffee for the team

The exceptions . . .

  • Occasionally we’ll receive an order from a supplier in boxes full of old-fashioned polystyrene chips. We normally re-use them as re-use is a way to recycle, but this means a customer may receive non-recyclable packaging from us once in a blue moon
  • Many brands supply their products in attractive retail packaging, for very obvious reasons. This often means that a small plastic cutter is supplied in even more plastic and cardboard, which seems a waste. Manufacturers are reluctant to make any changes to product presentation that may mean their products are less attractive when displayed - we can all understand their dilemma. Promotional products sourced by Cake Stuff are normally in simple, plain plastic packaging and we’re encouraging all our suppliers to look again at both the materials and the amount of packaging they use

We're not perfect - not by a long way - and we don’t pretend to be, but we're working to make the business more environmentally responsible all the time