COVID-19 Challenges Affecting Delivery Timescales

We’ve been working away trying to do our best for our customers for the past 16 months and up until now we’ve been able to keep going – largely thanks to the dedication of our team and the many additional safety measures we put in place. However, COVID-19 has caught up with us so we now have some positive cases (including a hospitalisation) and many members of both warehouse teams have received the dreaded ‘ping’ and are having to self-isolate. The remaining small teams are working around the clock to ensure that Express and Priority orders are shipped on time, but please note that the delivery timescale for Standard Shipping orders will increase.

As you know, we ship from two warehouses and have a pretty clever arrangement with DPD that helps ensure we deliver your complete order on the same day. However, for a short period, you may find that part of your order arrives one day and the rest the next day, so if you receive 1 box please give it another day-or-so before contacting us, as the second box will almost certainly already be on its way.

We will continue doing everything we can to minimise delays or disruption for our customers but we know you’ll understand that there is absolutely nothing else we can do in this situation.

Please allow at least an extra couple of days for delivery and choose Express or Priority delivery option for anything that is time-sensitive.

Thank you again for your support.