Click & Collect customer survey

Click & Collect customer survey


We want you to have your say . . .

We’ve just completed another 3 month trial period of careful monitoring to try and assess whether we can continue to offer the Click & Collect service without it impacting on the other 98% of orders.

As we continue to increase our range, more and more products are only going to be stocked at Cake Stuff ‘Warehouse B’ so will not be available for Click & Collect, simply because they’re not held in stock here at ‘Warehouse A’ in Lesmahagow.  This, combined with the results of the trial, means that we plan to suspend the Click & Collect option at the end of January 2019.

We know that many of our Click & Collect customers are among our longest-standing customers, who relied on being able to collect orders after we closed our Hamilton shop.  We greatly appreciate that loyalty and support, which is why the original 6 month Click & Collect trial away back in 2006 has actually lasted 12 years(!).

It’s not an easy decision to make but our range now exceeds 8,500 products and will reach 10,000 products before long, so we simply cannot operate from one warehouse any longer.  We’d like to find a solution that ensures our Click & Collect customers don’t feel any worse off – a few of these ideas are mentioned below.

Before we make the final decision, we want you to have your say . . . we want to know what makes Click & Collect the best option for you and what you feel would be the best way forward, so here’s a little survey to complete. 

Please complete by 19th December 2018


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