Click & Collect - important changes

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As a Cake Stuff customer who uses the Click & Collect service you probably won't have orders delivered by courier very often, so won't receive our automated emails about your delivery and may not know about some of the changes that have been taking place recently

We want to let you know about some of what's been happening and also about more important changes coming very soon.  We want to explain the reasons for these changes as fully as possible, without giving away too much that our competitors may find useful (they like to nosey around on our website)

We realise it looks like a lot of information, but if you use the Click & Collect service, you really need to read this . . .

Our new warehouse

Cake Stuff now operates from 2 warehouse locations . . . 'Warehouse A' is our HQ in Lesmahagow, plus we also now have our new 'Warehouse B'

Warehouse A is now packed full with stocks of 8,500 different product lines - everything from tiny cutters to pallets of sugarpaste.  Space is at an absolute premium and the lack of space is preventing us expanding the range or operating as efficiently as we want to.  Warehouse B allows us to split stock between two locations, freeing up valuable space

We're keeping Warehouse B's location secret as we can't have customers, reps, deliveries etc turning up there.  All business, customer service, ordering etc takes place at Warehouse A, leaving Warehouse B to get on with fulfilling their share of orders

At the moment, both Warehouses A and B hold more-or-less the same stock of products.  We decided to do it this way until Warehouse B was fully up-and-running, but we are sure you'll agree that it doesn't make sense to have the same products in two places.  It makes a lot more sense for us to make use of all that extra space and have each warehouse hold different products

So over the next few months we will continue adding more and more products to the website.  In fact, our target is to offer 10,000 different products, making our range the largest in the UK.  Some of these products will only be stocked at Warehouse A and some will only be stocked at Warehouse B

As we re-organise stock between the two warehouses, more and more products will only be stocked at one location, which means that many products will not be available for Click & Collect . . . more about that later

The lack of space at Warehouse A also limits the number of people who can work there at the same time, so one of the biggest benefits with opening Warehouse B is that we have a completely separate team picking and packing orders, seven days a week, enabling us to ship orders even faster than normal.  In fact, we're now delivering over 90% of all orders EARLIER than the delivery estimate we show at checkout

At the same time, we are implementing our new computerized warehouse / stock management system.  The team members picking your orders and checking in deliveries at the back door will be using hand-held scanners rather than printed order forms and the whole system will be much faster, slicker and almost completely automated.  This should help us keep over 95% of available product lines in stock at any time

So we can now add thousands more products to the range, we can carry more stock and we can ship orders faster.  All of this is vital in helping us keep prices low for our customers.  Almost everything we stock has increased in cost due to the poor exchange rate - either because we import it from manufacturers abroad or because it is sugar-based (sugar is traded in Euros or US dollars).  Despite almost everything costing us more, we have hardly increased the selling price of any products at all during 2018.  We are only able do this if we are able to purchase in large volume and operate very efficient warehouses


Split shipping

To operate two warehouses efficiently requires some pretty clever computer-geeky-type stuff (that we don't fully understand), so in May 2018 we began a 3 month trial where all orders placed on our website were automatically split between the two warehouses.  Some orders were sent from Warehouse A and others from Warehouse B; but the really clever bit is where one order is split into two parts - one part is shipped from Warehouse A and the other part from Warehouse B

Because we use DPD for most courier deliveries, we can ship one part of the order from Warehouse A with the other part from Warehouse B, and DPD are able to match up the boxes and deliver them to the customer as one consignment - something you'll be used to if you regularly order from Amazon.  DPD can still deliver separate boxes at different times of the day because they may be on different vans but that happens with all DPD deliveries, so our split-shipping system is just as reliable as any other DPD delivery

We can do all this at no extra cost to the customer and you still get text / email alerts from DPD to update you, including confirming your one-hour delivery time slot

Click & Collect - during the trial period

The Click & Collect service was always supposed to be a temporary way to help customers through the transition from us having a shop to being purely online.  However, we moved from our last shop away back in 2006 and every time we discuss the future of Click & Collect at our management team meetings, we can never quite agree if it's time to call it a day or not - so the Click & Collect 'trial period' continues on for a few more months . . . for 12 years!?!

Please let us state clearly that we do very much value our Click & Collect customers - many of you are long-standing customers and we appreciate your loyalty and support.  However, Click & Collect orders make up less than 2% of our total sales and, now that we have two warehouse locations, there are a few really important changes we need you to know about...

  • we will continue offering Click & Collect until the end of January 2019
  • some products will be held in stock at both warehouses, some will only be held at Warehouse A and some at Warehouse B.  If the product is held at Warehouse A then you will still be able to choose Click & Collect
  • if the product is only held in stock at Warehouse B then you will not see the Click & Collect option at checkout... if you reach checkout and can't figure out why you can't see Click & Collect, it's because at least one of the products in your basket is only available from Warehouse B
  • during late 2018 we begin re-organising and transferring stock between the warehouses, so more and more products will appear as 'not available for Click & Collect'
  • all orders, whether being shipped out or Click & Collect, are picked in strict order of date and time placed (see Click & Collect timescales below)
  • invoices will be attached as PDF's to your 'order despatched' or 'order ready to collect' email - we will eventually go paperless

Click & Collect - timescales

Click & Collect was never a faster alternative to having your order delivered - it was purely to offer customers living close enough to Warehouse A the option of picking an order up, if it was more convenient for them

We aim to despatch all orders within 24 working hours of being placed (Express orders are shipped same day).  This timescale applies equally to Click & Collect orders, so please remember there could be hundreds (literally) of orders in front of you in the queue and that those customers have the right to expect that their orders are shipped on time

So here's a little reminder of what has always been offered...

  • Your Click & Collect order will be ready to collect 24 working hours after you place it (ie if you order at 10pm one night then it probably won't be ready to collect the next day)
  • Choose the Click & Collect Express option if you need your order sooner - your order will be ready to collect within 3 working hours
  • Please wait until you receive our automated 'order ready to collect' email before coming to collect
  • If you place more than one order, please remember to say when collecting - orders can be picked by different team members at different times of the day, so there's no way for us to know how many orders you're coming to collect
  • Please remember that it isn't possible to add to or change your order, see samples, swap or return anything over the counter, especially now that we have 2 warehouses
  • Click & Collect opening times are: Mondays to Thursdays 9:00am - 4:30pm, Fridays 9:00am - 3:30pm, closed at weekends and bank/local holidays.  If these times don't suit then remember you can always have your order delivered instead
  • If asking someone to collect on your behalf, please make sure they are aware of the above

Until now, we have prioritised Click & Collect orders but the faster we get, the faster some customers expect us to be.  Over the past few months we've been put under increasing pressure to have Click & Collect orders ready much sooner than was agreed at checkout or arriving outside our opening hours.  We all work hard to pick every order as quickly as possible but prioritising Click & Collect orders like this has a knock-on effect that can often delay other customers' orders being shipped on time

We hope you'll appreciate that the new totally automated system explained above and operating two warehouses makes it impossible for us to continue this way any longer

The future of Click & Collect

During the 3 month trial we closely monitored all aspects of the business, including the Click & Collect service

We want to be honest with you - it is unlikely that we can continue to offer Click & Collect beyond January 2019.  The impact of Click & Collect orders has proved to be quite substantial, in terms of how Click & Collect affects other orders in the system and how much time it takes up in proportion to all other orders so it now looks likely that it is, sadly, time to call it a day

However, before we make a final decision we want you to have your say, so would invite you to complete a short survey.  This will help us complete the picture and make final decisions about the future of Click & Collect

We will also be exploring various new options that will give our Click & Collect customers some additional benefits, so that even if we have to end the service, you won't be any worse off . . . so we want your input and feedback

Click here to complete the survey

We will, of course, continue to keep our Click & Collect customers fully updated with developments - just make sure you've opted in to receive our email newsletters