We're Moving!


It's nearly moving day here at Cake Stuff and we can't wait to tell you what we've got planned!


A few years ago, you may remember that we opened our second warehouse in order to grow our product catalogue and provide a faster, better service for customers. "Wow, look at all this space!", we said. "We will never be able to fill two warehouses!", we said.

We were wrong. 

Thanks to all the support from our amazing customers, we were able to create the biggest catalogue in the UK for everything cake decorating and sugarcraft with over 11,000 different products to choose from, and we're still adding to it.

But here's the exciting news . . . we don't plan on stopping there!

We are excited to announce that in early August 2021, we will be moving in to our new state-of-the-art super duper HUGE warehouse to offer a bigger and better experience than ever seen before!


What do we have planned?

Well, just for starters, we will be...

Adding over another 8,000 new products to the website over the next 12 months

Implementing a wider and faster range of delivery methods (yes, you too Ireland and the rest of Europe!)

Introducing a later ordering cut-off time for next-day delivery of (eventually) up to 9pm!

Introducing new, lower delivery options for mainland and non-mainland customers

Reintroducing worldwide delivery on a range of products, eventually being able to offer heavier orders by international courier too

Expanding team Cake Stuff so you will receive a more efficient service than ever before

Further developing our sustainability program by broadening our eco-friendly packing solutions and ending our 'split order' system to also decrease our carbon footprint


As you can imagine, moving 11,000 product lines (well over a million individual items) is not an easy task but our team have been planning this move tirelessly in order to keep any disruption to our customers to an absolute minimum.

However, we thought we should mention some things that might be worth considering...

When our products are moving to their new home, it may mean some lines will be temporarily out of stock for a week or two immediately following the move. In order to make sure you can still get everything you need from us until the move is completed, we suggest placing your order no later than 3pm on Wednesday 4th August.  After that point, we will have started to transfer some lines to the new warehouse.

Any orders placed after 3pm on Wednesday 4th August will be picked, packed and shipped as normal - just be aware that you may not be able to buy absolutely every product that you want until we have fully moved. If everything you need is there then great - you will experience no change in your ordering experience! 

If an item is shown as "Out of Stock" on the website, don't forget that you can click the 'Email me when back in stock' button. This means that as soon as the product has landed at its new home, you'll receive an automated email notification to let you know it's available to order again.


Stay Tuned!

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And all this is just a teaser . . . there's so much more we can't wait to tell you about!!!

We genuinely love what we do – it’s great fun and we hope this always comes across to our customers. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but we take what we do very seriously, which is why we're so well known for properly looking after our customers.

Our new massive warehouse means we can offer the biggest range in Europe, many more new team members will help ensure your orders are shipped faster than ever and new delivery partners will help us get orders to customers at reasonable costs no matter where they live . . . throughout the UK, across Europe and beyond.

The original team will still be based at Lesmahagow, which will become our new HQ for sales, marketing and customer service.  Everything we're planning is designed to ensure we offer you the award-winning service we're known for and that you deserve.

As ever, our whole team is fully dedicated to 'helping you bake it better'