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Happy Birthday to us!

Cake Stuff are celebrating our 35th birthday this August and, to celebrate, we’ve got 35 crazy days of special offers that our customers just can’t afford to miss.

Starting on Friday 1st August,  there’s a different special offer posted on our Facebook page every single day – for 35 days.

Everything is connected to the number “35” . . . there are 35% OFF offers, £35 amazing deals and lots more, but each day’s offer is different.  Each offer only lasts for that one day and may be limited to the first 35 customers, so you need to check our Facebook page every day to make sure you don’t miss out on the best bargains.

We want this to be fun for everyone but there has to be a couple of rules so that it’s also fair . . .

firstly (and most importantly) you need to be registered as a Cake Stuff customer and logged in to your account before any of the special offers can be applied at checkout.  Save time and avoid missing out on an offer by logging in before you start shopping - thousands of other cake makers will be chasing the same special offers as you!!!

You must use the link from our Facebook page if you want to go directly to that day's special offer - don't just search for the product on our website as you may end up ordering at normal price.

Some offers will be restricted to the first 35 customers / orders so please understand that we cannot apply any offer retrospectively or extend any offer beyond the date on which it appears or beyond the quantity of stock already allocated.  For example, you can't save one day’s offer to your basket and then go back the next day to add to it – each offer ends as the next begins so if you miss one just try again the next day.

You haven't placed an order until you've completed checkout - this is standard practice on most sites.  Simply adding an item to your basket doesn't guarantee you'll get it, so don't hang around!

We've tried to mix the offers each day so that it’s pretty unlikely many customers will want to order every single day.  To be honest, the chances of anyone paying additional delivery costs because they have to complete separate orders each day is fairly remote so simply grab the offer if you can.

Some offers are applied automatically while some require a code to be entered at checkout so just check that day's FB posting and don’t forget . . . no code = no discount . . . simples! ;o)

Where the special offer involves a code there's no limit to how many you buy (stock permitting) but you can only use that day's code once.  If you go back to order more the same day the code will not work, so try not to forget anything from your order and think big!

Only one code can be used on any order - you won't be able to mix special offer codes with, for example, any magazine or exhibition offers etc.

All our normal terms and conditions apply . . . Express Shipping is available and there’s Free UK mainland delivery over £75 so feel free to add special offer items to your “normal” order if you want to take advantage of free shipping.

If you don’t use Facebook, find someone who does right away . . . they’re often young with a mobile phone surgically attached to their hand.  If you already use Facebook (which means you’re young!) but haven’t found our page, you’ll find us at www.facebook.com/CakeStuff.Ltd 

Once you’re on our FB page remember to “like” it and turn on NOTIFICATIONS by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Cake Stuff Facebook page www.facebook.com/CakeStuff.Ltd
  2. Click 'Liked'
  3. Click to check 'Get Notifications'

Because of recent changes on Facebook, it’s really important they see you “engage” with each post otherwise they may not notify you about future postings and you could miss out on some great offers.  Even if the special offer on that particular day doesn’t interest you, our advice is to click “like” so that FB see you engaging – better still is to use the "get notifications" setting described above - this helps ensure you receive news of the next day’s special offer.


So what about the last 35 years? . . .

Cake Stuff started off as a Hallmark greetings card shop called Words & Wishes, founded by Neill and Elizabeth Wilson (Jean’s parents, Alex’s parents, Alan’s in-laws, Cameron’s grandparents – yep, it’s complicated!) and quickly became known as the place to go for personalized wedding invitations.  Over the years, Words & Wishes grew to become one of the UK’s top wedding stationery specialists and winners of the coveted VOWS award.  We also made lots of wedding favours and, back in the early days, these were often wedding cake favours so we started to supply local cake makers with basic items – boards, ribbon, cake tops, favours etc – and so began our move into the wonderful world of cake decorating.  After a couple of moves to ever-larger premises we decided that Words & Wishes should continue to concentrate on wedding stationery while a new division would look after sugarcraft supplies – and so Cake Stuff was born.

During the last 35 years the business has undergone big changes and has seen massive growth but, throughout, has benefited from the experience and guidance of the very people who started the whole thing – Neill and Elizabeth – and with the third generation of our family now coming into the business, we really can’t thank them (and the rest of our families) enough on this very special birthday.

So there you have it – a potted history of Cake Stuff.  We now have 13 employees (often up to 18 counting family helpers on busy days!), a massive new warehouse, tens of thousands of customers worldwide and we deliver mountains of cake making supplies every week, but we’re still very much a family business and we still care passionately about what we do and about looking after our customers.

Thank you for being a part of this great story – please join in the fun and help us celebrate 35 years of helping you bake it better.  

To visit our FB page please click here: www.facebook.com/CakeStuff.Ltd