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Find Out Why


Welcome to our Find Out Why page - there's quite a lot of information here and although we certainly don't expect you to read every word, we hope you'll scroll down to find out a little about us and why we're the preferred suppliers for tens of thousands of cake making customers from all around the world.

Why was Cake Stuff chosen from over 150 companies worldwide to win Cake Masters magazine's prestigious "Best Retailer Award" 2014?

Winning the award was the icing on the cake (sorry!) for us after 35 years of building up our family business.  Cake Masters magazine asked readers to nominate companies they used for ordering their supplies and to judge them on product range, value for money, speed of delivery and customer service, among other criteria.

We didn't ask our customers to nominate us, so it was a huge honour when so many did exactly that, and quite overwhelming to be chosen from over 150 companies to be named "Best Retailer 2014".

You can read more about the award here.


Why is Cake Stuff the preferred supplier of choice for tens of thousands of cake decorating customers around the world?

We each have our favourite products, our favourite brands and our favourite places to buy them - whether we're talking about designer shoes or baked beans.  The same is true for cake decorating supplies - each customer has their preferred brand of sugarpaste, icing colouring, cutters etc so we go out of our way to stock as many of these top brands as possible.

Our prices are competitive - very competitive - but it's not as simple as being cheaper than anyone else.  We have over 5,000 products in stock and our stock levels are much, much higher than our competitors, so you're far less likely to find something is out of stock.  
Our relationships with all the big brand names have been forged over 35 years - those relationships and our buying power mean we can offer Cake Stuff customers some of the very best prices around.

Most cake makers probably start enjoying this wonderful hobby on a very small scale, happy to buy bits 'n' bobs from the local supermarket or high street hobby stores.  As their interest grows and their skill levels advance, these same cake makers have to find mail-order and online specialist suppliers.  For many, requests to make cakes for friends and family mean that a "hobby" takes up more time and even turns into a home business, so it's important to find their supplies at the very best prices possible.  This is where Cake Stuff really come in to our own.

From our modern warehouse we ship over 1,500 orders every week and each one of those orders is important to us - we know that your reputation as a cake maker relies on us getting your supplies to you quickly and safely.

We've built up close relationships with our customers over the years simply because our customers know they can trust us to have the products they need, in stock, at great prices and will deliver them safely.

It's really simple . . . those tens of thousands of customers simply wouldn't keep coming back to us over and over again unless they were happy - and we work really hard to keep our customers happy!

You can find out more about us here.


Why is Cake Stuff still one of the best kept secrets in the sugarcraft industry?

Cake Stuff are not on the high street, we don't often advertise in cake decorating magazines and we're not often seen at exhibitions, so we're not counted among those well known names you see all the time.

When a new customer discovers Cake Stuff for the first time, we look after her and she invariably becomes a "regular".  By speaking about Cake Stuff to her friends or chatting on social media, word spreads and someone, somewhere will give us a try - then they also discover us and the whole cycle repeats itself.

This slow, "organic" growth has allowed us to build our small, family business into a multi-million pound company without taking risks or letting customers down.  We're now at the stage where so many cake makers have discovered Cake Stuff and have become regular customers that our name is much more recognised.

This quiet growth also means we've taken quite a few other suppliers (competitors) by surprise - to some, we seem to have suddenly appeared out of nowhere when, in fact, we've been working away looking after those "in the know" for 35 years.


Why should your next order for cake decorating supplies be with Cake Stuff?

The fact that you're reading this means you've already discovered one of our industry's best kept secrets and we hope you'll allow us the opportunity to prove why we should be your preferred supplier for everything cakey.

We're confident that your next order for cake supplies will cost you less - far less - if you order from us.  Let's be honest - that's probably the most important thing for most customers and the reason that you'll at least give us a try.

But the benefits of being a Cake Stuff customer go far beyond just enjoying great prices . . . our website is designed to make browsing fun and easy - we provide loads of information on each product (all 5,000 of them) and we carry a huge stock so you can normally find whatever you're looking for.  You can rely on fast, safe, tracked courier delivery with award-winning customer support, there whenever you need us.

As a Cake Stuff customer you'll receive regular e-newsletters to let you know about new products, cake decorating news and our very popular promotions.  You can also keep up-to-date on the latest developments and share your own cake creations on the Cake Stuff Facebook page.  Share your pictures with thousands of other cake makers, give us your feedback on products, get advance notice of special promotions etc.  There's always lots going on - always lots to get involved in.  

Many of our customers are busy cake makers - many run small businesses - they have already spent a lot of time shopping around to find the best products and prices.  Thousands and thousands of these cake makers trust Cake Stuff with all their orders - no matter how large or how small.

And is if all of that isn't already enough, you can even enjoy an extra 10% DISCOUNT FOR LIFE . . . that's an extra 10% saving on our already very competitive prices, including most promotions!

You can find out more about our 10% discount for life here.

Whether you spend a couple of pounds in our busy eBay Shop or a bit more on our website (the website always works out best value when ordering a few products together), we're confident you'll enjoy the very best combination of value for both products and delivery.

Tens of thousands of bakers, cake decorators and sugarcrafters have already discovered this for themselves.  These customers have done their homework, have tried out the competition and know that Cake Stuff is the company to order from - the award really just confirms this.

You're about to discover what they already know.

We would never assume and we would never ever take your custom for granted, but we would love to let you find out just how wide our range is, just how good our prices are, and just how well we look after our customers.

Put simply - we want the chance to show you that we're better than your existing supplier.