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Piping Equipment

Cake Stuff offer a wide range of professional quality proofed nylon piping bags with welded and stitched edges, from market leaders FMM.  Ideal for cake decorating, these professional quality piping bags are at fantastic "trade" prices - typically 25% less than our top 10 competitors' average RRPs.  FMM nylon savoy piping bags are suitable for royal icing, buttercream, cream, meringue, chocolate, potato etc

We also offer packs of ready-made greaseproof piping bags (oh, you lazy things!) - always handy to have in your kit box, although not really strong enough for piping buttercream etc - more for royal icing, chocolate and delicate work

Cake Stuff also offer a range of professional piping tubes / nozzles / tips, Delrin couplings, cleaning brushes and nozzle sets

Most of our piping nozzles are made by Ateco - an American company and have been making quality baking equipment since 1905.  We also stock some Wilton piping nozzles and both Wilton and Ateco now tend to have their icing tubes made in Korea

Cake Stuff also stock a selection of the more popular sizes of PME Supatube nozzles and some PME flower nails.  The vast majority of our trade, school and college customers have already switched to Ateco from other brands and are enjoying the savings but we are always happy to stock PME, Wilton, Jem and Bekenal professional nozzles too

Bekenal piping nozzles are widely regarded as the best icing tips in the world - professional quality nickel silver - virtually seamless for perfect lines.  Made by hand by craftsmen in Birmingham on traditional equipment and forms which have been producing Bekenal nozzles for decades