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Cake Stuff recommends the Ateco range of professional quality stainless steel crimpers from the USA

Crimpers offer an easy and effective method of adding design and texture to sugarpaste.  Some people refer to crimpers by number, shape or name so please remember the design you're looking for may be here, but described slightly differently.  Check photos for shapes

Ateco crimpers are approx 1.5cm (5/8") wide and 9cm (3") long, are brand new and have been stored and handled in a professional, hygienic environment at all times but Ateco crimpers are not retail packed and sometimes do not have bright plate finish seen on other brands

Ateco sugarcraft crimpers are stainless steel and we include rubber O-rings to help you hold them at the correct position

Cake Stuff also offer PME brand stainless steel crimpers which are very similar in quality to Ateco, but are retail packed

Full sets of crimpers are available at even better prices