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Cake Stuff cake tins are split into 3 main categories - Invicta professional cake tins, Wilton novelty shaped aluminium cake pans and all other cake tins, pans and bakeware.  You can refine your search results by shape, size and brand

Invicta professional cake tins are manufactured in steel reinforced tin-plate for a lifetime of faithful service.  Sure, there are cheaper tins on the market but what's the point?  Cheap, thin cake tins conduct the heat unevenly, creating hot spots which can burn some parts of the cake while leaving other areas raw - not nice!  Professional tin-plate cake tins ensure even heat distribution and are surprisingly affordable

Tin plate will not rust but the steel wire reinforced edges can rust if kept untreated so although thousands of our customers clean their Invicta tins in dishwashers every day, Invicta do not class as dishwasher safe so we would advise you to do so with some caution - ensuring the tins have been properly sealed (proofed) before first use by wiping edges with a little oil and baking in the oven for a couple of hours.  Dishwasher use (and oven use) will cause discolouration over time and could cause signs of rust at the top corners, where the wire reinforcement edges are visible

Not only do we sell the best, but we realise that investing in top quality baking tins is not cheap so we actively monitor the prices of all our main competitors to ensure we offer our customers the best prices possible.  If you know of brand new Invicta professional cake tins being sold elsewhere for a better price please let us know - we want to make sure we always offer the best prices so will happily adjust our prices as required.  Please note our sets of round and square Invicta cake tins are even better value

One important point - these are not retail or gift items; they're professional cake tins designed for a lifetime of hard work with trade customers.  They are finished by hand by craftsmen and often include small dents and marks from the grinding wheels, or even little marks where they've been sitting in protective bubblewrap - these are purely cosmetic and do not affect the cake produced, therefore are not considered to be defects.  Invicta tins are used throughout the UK bakery industry and are a great investment but if you're looking for cosmetically perfect tins (eg to give as a gift) then these may not be for you

Wilton novelty shaped cake pans / tins are one of the product areas we're famous for - the Wilton range is huge and not every design is available in the UK but we carry more designs than most, including some really popular character tins you'll struggle to find elsewhere.  Made in food-grade aluminium, they are strong and lightweight and will last for years.  Wilton cake tins hold their value well and a Darth Vader Wilton cake tin from the early eighties recently fetched nearly £60 on eBay!

Wilton cake pans are dishwasher safe, but please remember that as they are aluminium, some discolouration is completely natural and does not in any way affect the tin's performance.  Normally packed 3 together per box, superficial surface marks and scratches are commonplace and not considered defects

Wilton novelty shaped cake pans / tins are extremely versatile and easy to use.  If you've never used them before then you're about to discover one of the great secrets of novelty cakes - Wilton cake tins (they call them pans in America) have detailed 3D moulding so that the cake comes out of the tin with all the important detail in place, making it really simple to decorate with sugarpaste or buttercream.  With a little bit of imagination you can use the general shape of most tins to create a number of extra designs

Cake Stuff also offer an excellent (and growing) range of cake tins and bakeware from Masterclass, Tala, Wilton and other manufacturers . . . cupcake pans, spring-form cake tins, whoopie pie pans, brownie trays, pie and flan tins, muffin pans, cooling racks and much more

Masterclass cake tins are made in heavy duty commercial weight 1mm steel with a double layer non-stick coating, offering very good quality and exceptional value for money