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This department contains most of the wedding and birthday cake tops and other decorations - many of which are equally suitable for engagements and anniversaries

Hand-made wedding cake tops (or "toppers" as they're often now called thanks to our American cousins) are produced in FIMO, which is a food-approved modelling medium which gives them a fantastic hand-made, almost edible look - although we stress that they are not edible.  The quality is excellent but prices are incredibly low - why make sugarpaste figures when you can buy them at these prices?  FIMO is often also referred to as "claydough" although, technically, that's an inaccurate description

Although hand-made please note they are not made-to-order although we can offer a degree of customization on many designs, which allows us to alter hair colours, add kilts, etc but we can't alter the basic design or add extra figures

Scottish wedding cake tops are something we're famous for - we've sold thousands of them through eBay, with delighted customers all over the world.  Very few manufacturers produce Scottish wedding cake tops so we have to customize existing designs, spending a lot of time painting by hand, adding "kilts" made from tartan ribbon and so on.  Prices are good and typically half the price of most made-to-order wedding cake toppers - which is not at all bad considering there's at least 2 hours of work to custimise each one

Designer wedding cake tops are mainly imported by us from the USA and Italy.  These designs are very high quality and difficult to find in the UK but we're happy to offer them at exceptionally competitive prices.  This range sells through very quickly so don't be surprised if you can't alwats see many designs - more will be arriving soon

Birthday cake toppers are also included - including some fantastic little handmade FIMO cake toppers which are sure to raise a smile.  Top quality, highly detailed and fantastic value for money

Please use your own judgement when using small non-edible decorations on cakes: we won't clog up the item descriptions by putting a warning on every single item page, so the general rules are:  all items are EU approved for use on cakes, non-edible items should not be placed directly on to a cake (although no-one seems to bother about this rule). Cake decorations are not toys and are not suitable for young children.  Common sense really, but we are still required to state the obvious