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Sugarflair icing powder and dust colourings have always been, in our opinion, the best range of powder or dust icing colourings you can buy. 

CRAFT DUSTING POWDER is a range of around 10 shades which used to be part of the Blossom Tint range but are now classed as "non toxic non-edible",  which is unfortunate as the very term "non-toxic" makes some people feel uneasy.

We understand this and are happy to explain . . . the EU regularly re-classify a number of edible products.  The two classifications for food colouring are "edible" and "non-toxic", and some shades which can only be created using certain colourings move from class to class.  The shades offered as Craft Dusting Colours simply cannot be created as dusts without using these particular colourings, so they are now classed as "non-toxic non-edible".  The most infamous example is a red colouring which is permitted to be classed as "edible" in glacé cherries but not elsewhere . . . work that out?

We hope it goes without saying that they are safe although Sugarflair have to keep themselves right by stating that they should be used on non-edible items, such as sugar flowers etc.

Craft Dust can be diluted with Rejuvenator Fluid to create liquid icing colouring for painting and airbrush work.