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Sugar Flower Petal Modelling Paste / Mexican Modelling Paste / Flower Modelling Paste / Petal Paste / SFP / MMP / Cricut Paste etc are all names for sugarpaste which has been blended with natural gums and other ingredients (often fat and egg white), which allow the paste to be rolled very thinly and set to a fine, firm finish


Flower Petal Modelling Paste dries in contact with air to a hard porcelain-like finish.  Flower Petal Modelling Paste is, technically speaking, an edible product but let's be honest, few people would attempt to eat rock-hard sugar flowers.  The BBE date is therefore for guidance only - it is not a sell by or a use by date

Cake Stuff have always recommended the UK brand leader Sugar Florist Paste (SFP), made by Squire's Kitchen, but we now have a range of various excellent brands - each with their own loyal fans, so here's a quick summary . . .


  • SQUIRES KITCHEN SUGAR FLORIST PASTE SFP:  the traditional brand leader in the UK - available in 100g / 200g foil packs (depending on colour) and the colour range is very good plus white and ivory / cream are available in 1kg trade packs.  Good quality but needs a bit of work to get the gums working and some customers find it a little too hard to work with easily.  This is the best modelling paste for creating very fine sugar flower petals and leaves


  • SQUIRES KITCHEN SUGAR MODELLING / MEXICAN PASTE  MMP: good quality modelling gum paste from Squires Kitchen - known for years as Mexican Paste but they found many new customers were unfamiliar with that terminology, so now called Sugar Modelling Paste.  Officially it's the same product as before but initial reports suggest it may be slightly softer to work with than the old MMP.  An excellent modelling gumpaste for modelling, figures and basic sugar flowers but for fine sugar flower petals and leaves we recommend SFP


  • SQUIRES KITCHEN SUGAR DOUGH :  Sugar Dough is ideal for simpler modelled figures, shapes and even basic flowers where you need the piece to hold its shape and dry quickly, but still remain soft enough to eat once the cake is cut.  Non-sticky, easy to use, fun, edible material with a nice vanilla flavour - ideal for children to play with and create models - more fun than play dough! Perfect for general models and decorations which you want to be eaten - e.g. for on top of cupcakes and for use with moulds


  • RENSHAW FLOWER MODELLING PASTE:  our top selling flower paste.  250g packs with even lower prices when buying a full box of 8 packs.  Renshaw (holders of the royal warrant) are world famous as the producers of Regalice sugar paste, and have turned their expertise to offering a really professional quality flower paste.  It handles really well, and is quite forgiving (doesn't dry too quickly) and takes colour well but doesn't allow you to create just as fine petals or leaves as SFP


  • SATIN ICE GUM PASTE: gumpaste is the modelling and flower paste used throughout the USA and seen on all the US TV cake shows which are proving so popular at the moment.  Great quality, and at an excellent price in 2.5kg plastic tubs (smaller 1kg tubs also available).  Mix 50:50 with good quality sugarpaste (e.g. Satinice) for an excellent Mexican Modelling Paste


  • PME GUM PASTE:  good quality sugar modelling gum paste from PME.  PME have been extending into the US market in recent years and this excellent new range of gum pastes shows this American influence - very similar to Fondarific gumpaste.  Gum Paste is more pliable, slightly softer and generally more "forgiving" than British flower / petal paste - ideal if you're learning to make sugar flowers - good for general models, figures and cake / cupcake toppers


  • BEAU FLOWER PASTE:  an artisan flower modelling paste from Beau Products, a small specialist supplier, well known within sugarcraft circles.  Available in 200g plastic pots.  Exceptional handling properties and dries porcelain fine.  Mix 50:50 with quality sugarpaste for Mexican Modelling Paste.  Available in original white, brilliant white and with a small range of colours arriving soon


FANCY TRYING THEM???  No problem - Cake Stuff are unique in offering a sample pack of these top selling pastes for you to try for yourself

All brands of white flower modelling paste can be coloured using Sugarflair concentrated paste colourings or Wilton and Ateco concentrated gel colourings, to offer the widest possible range shades.  Detail colour can also be added using Sugarflair Blossom Tints, Edible Lustres and Craft Dusting Powders, and Rainbow Dust Plain & Simple colourings.  . . . all of which we stock at Cake Stuff

Sugar Flower Petal Modelling Paste is easy to use . . . if stored somewhere cool, allow to warm to room temperature, then simply knead the paste / work with fingers to activate the gums and improve elasticity, roll to desired thickness with a non-stick mini rolling pin using a little icing sugar to dust your board / working surface or a tiny bit of white fat (remember never to use flour to dust as this can ferment).  Sugar Flower Petal Modelling Paste dries when exposed to air, so always wrap unused paste in clingfilm, getting rid of as much air as possible


Different brands of Sugar Flower Petal Modelling Paste dry at different speeds, but you'll soon get used to the properties of your own favourite brand.  Larger pieces will need supported while they dry.  Please remember that although classed as "edible", flowerpaste and modelling paste are designed for sugar modelling and should not be used to cover a cake and care should be taken to ensure young children especially do not try to eat pieces of dried flower paste as these could have sharp edges and could be difficult to digest