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Nothing beats a home-made cake and we at Cake Stuff are the first to agree but for busy cake makers there is often not always the time to bake every cake from scratch. 

Cake Stuff are delighted to offer a range of professional quality trade cake mixes - light years better than anything you'll find in a supermarket and relied on thoughout the bakery industry.  Professional cake mixes are great time savers, they eliminate waste as results are consistent, they save money on expensive raw ingredients and have excellent BBE dates.  While we would never talk anyone out of baking a cake from scratch, if you are a busy cake maker (or even just a busy Mum!) you may find using one of our professional cake mixes saves you a lot of valuable time which you can spend on decorating the cake.  They'll certainly help your profits too!

Please don't be put off but we'd prefer that you only order from us if you are already familiar with the products and know what you're buying.  No returns are possible with any of these products.  Cake Stuff hope to offer smaller (sample) packs of cake mixes very soon so please watch this space as this will be the ideal way to discover your favourite cake mix.

Craigmillar Madeira Mix remains our best selling cake mix - producing a delicious, slightly dense mix but add a little extra baking powder for a lighter sponge texture.  For cupcakes, the Craigmillar Extra Moist Plain (Vanilla) Cake Mix is unbeatable - more suited to smaller cakes.

Cake Stuff offer are at least 3 different chocolate cake mixes - each has its own unique properties so please read the Product Details carefully.  Farmhouse and Rich Celebration Cake Mixes are ready-spiced and formulated create a denser bake, which is better at holding fruit.

Instructions are included on the box for making the cake batter but, being trade mixes, these are fairly large quantities so here's a little table which we hope may be of some help.  Please don't rely on it to the letter - it's offered here purely as a guide, based on Craigmillar Madeira Mix but quantities will be roughly similar for other cake mixes.  All quantities shown are approximate:

tin size            amount of dry mix


(also HEART, HEXAGON, OCTAGON and PETAL measured to widest points of tins)

    6"                   500g
    7"                   600g
    8"                   750g
    9"                   1kg
    10"                 1.25kg
    11"                 1.5kg
    12"                 1.75kg


    6"                   500g
    7"                   750g
    8"                   1kg
    9"                   1.25g
    10"                  1.5g
    11"                  1.75g
    12"                   2kg


    10" x 8"            1.25kg
    12" x 10"          1.75kg
    13" x 9"            1.75kg


    6" x 4"              500g
    8" x 6"              600g
    10" x 8"            1kg
    12" x 10"          1.5g


Wilton novelty pans vary a lot in size but most take around 1kg of cake mix  -  the general rule is to fill Wilton tins to about HALF their depth with batter, which normally means about a 1" depth of batter in the tin.


from every 1kg of cake mix you'll get approximately 36 standard cupcakes or 48 smaller fairy cakes