product enquiries - how can we help?

We realise that you may occasionally have a question about a product that is not already answered in the 'product details' tab for the product you're looking at, and we are happy to help if we can.  Before going to the trouble of contacting us, please check the FAQs below as these may help answer your query right away and save you waiting for our reply

Please note that we do not respond to messages that ask us to break our Food Safety Policy, Returns Policy or other policies

What delivery options do you offer?

We have tried to provide as much helpful information as possible in the 'product details' tab on each individual product page.  Our Customer Service team are unlikely to have access to additional information not already shown in the 'product details' so please read this first as it will probably save you having to contact us

All the product information shown is as supplied by the manufacturer or distributor, along with information gathered from our own experience and from Cake Stuff customers.  If you feel any important information is missing or incorrect, please contact us   

I want to know which brand is best

The honest answer is . . . we can't answer this one!  Cake Stuff stock products from all the top cake decorating brands - this often means that more than one version of the same product is available.  We offer a wide range of sugarpaste, icing colourings and other edible products because each cake maker has their own favourite brand, based on their own experience and technique

Price can be an indicator (a thick cake drum will offer much more support than a cut edge cake card, or an Agbay cake leveller will perform better than cheaper brands) but there is no hard-and-fast rule.  We would encourage you to read product reviews left by our customers  

I want to know if you stock a particular product

In general terms if you can see it on our website, we stock it - if you can't see it, then we don't stock it

There are many reasons why we may not stock certain brands or products.  Sometimes it's to do with customer feedback on quality, sometimes it's to do with already having enough alternatives of the same product available and sometimes it's to do with competition (some companies not wishing to supply their brand to Cake Stuff because we stock other brands) but if there's a particular product you think we should stock, please see I want to suggest a product you should stock below

I have a question about ingredients / best before dates

For edible products, all ingredients are shown in the 'product details' tab on each individual product page

We also show the minimum Best Before End (BBE) date you can expect, although please remember this is a minimum - we will always try to supply the longest BBE dates possible, often months longer than shown.  BBE dates can vary wildly between different variations of the same product because, for example, some colours of sugarpaste are more popular than others so manufacturers produce them more often, meaning these colours will always have longer BBE dates.  If the minimum BBE date shown isn't long enough for your intended use, please do not order at this point in time 

Please remember that a Best Before Date is not the same as a Use By date.  Nothing we sell has a Use By date

The 'product details' tab also includes any allergy and religious observation dietary advice available.  If you are looking for products which are, for example, suitable for vegetarians, Kosher, Halal, gluten-free etc the best way to search is to use the pink filter buttons down the left hand side of the page . . . click on 'SELECT SPECIAL DIET'

Please note that regardless of what individual brands claim, Cake Stuff cannot guarantee any product as 'nut free'.  This is because our warehouse stores and handles marzipan and other nut products.  The edible product may not include nuts but there could be tiny traces of nut could present on the outer packaging of any product

I want to check how many of a product you have in stock

We normally carry a substantial stock of each product, unless it is out of stock from the manufacturer. Use the + / - button to add as many of the product to your shopping bag as you want - the site will only allow you to add what we have in stock. Please remember there will be hundreds of other customers on the website at the same time, so the stock is not guaranteed simply by placing it in your shopping bag - you must complete checkout to secure the stock you need

I want to know when a product will be back in stock

If a product is shown as being out of stock we will already know about it - trust us!  We will already have another order on its way unless the manufacturer is also sold out

The Cake Stuff warehouse receives dozens of deliveries every day from manufacturers all over the world but it's not possible for us to give an estimate of when each product may arrive with us.  If you find a product out of stock - the flash banner will say 'BACK SOON' - simply click on the pink button that says 'EMAIL ME WHEN IN STOCK'.  A little window will pop up for you to confirm your email address and we'll automatically email you the moment more arrive

Why do you display products that are not in stock?

We continue to display some products that have sold out so that you can see all the products we normally stock, have a look at all the product details relating to this product, compare these details and price to other, similar products we have in stock and, really importantly, so that you can use the 'EMAIL ME WHEN IN STOCK' feature

We also display some discontinued products and include information on the listing explaining that the product is no longer available.  This helps customers avoid spending time searching through websites for products that are simply not available - by (a) helping the customer find the product and (b) explaining that (and why) it has been discontinued, we can save customers time and help suggest a suitable alternative

I want to suggest a product you should stock

We have over 11,000 products in the range but the cake decorating world is always welcoming new and exciting ideas, so if there's something you think we should consider stocking please get in touch. Not all brands or products are available in the UK nor to retail websites like Cake Stuff but any suggestions are appreciated and will be looked into further. Please note enquiries and negotiations for new lines can take weeks or months, so we probably won't be able to respond personally to your suggestion

If you cannot find the answer to your question above, please complete the form below and one of our Customer Service team will reply as soon as possible. We strive to reply to all emails within 24 hours but may take longer during busy periods