business partners - how can we help?

Cake Stuff is a completely on-line business

We are a small, family business but are lucky enough to have over 125,000 customers to look after.  For this reason, please understand that we would never be able to deal with the volume of phone calls from customers and suppliers in different time zones across the world unless we used some sort of call centre (which we don't want to do!), so all communication is now via our website

Please note that we do not respond to messages that ask us to break our Food Safety Policy, Returns Policy or other policies


If you are a manufacturer, importer, agent, distributor or wholesaler who has an exciting product or range of products that you think our customers may be interested in, then please feel free to contact us and forward full details via the Contact Form below

We will not publish commercially sensitive information, but here is a little background information about us.  We would ask you to read this first as it may help you decide whether we could do good business together . . .

  • We do not recognise any form of price fixing or price parity agreement - we require total freedom of pricing
  • We pay incredible attention to detail when listing products on our website - this is what gives us such high SEO results - the downside is that it takes a long time to add new products to the range
  • Cake Stuff has annual sales in the region of £4.5M (Sterling)
  • Cake Stuff has grown rapidly in the last few years and we are in the top-five group of UK retailers for our industry
  • Cake Stuff have won a number of awards, including Cake Masters magazine's 'Retailer of the Year'
  • Cake Stuff has over 125,000 registered customers with whom we are in regular contact via e-newsletters and social media
  • We carry a range of over 11,000 cake decorating and sugarcraft products from leading international brands
  • We do not operate on geographically limited terms or within specified territories
  • We do not operate on traditional retail terms - be prepared to disclose best prices / price breaks

In short - we have the customers, the website, the SEO benefits, the marketing knowledge, the infrastructure, the reputation, the advertising support and the presence within the cake decorating industry to bring the right new products to market in the most advantageous way. We're always looking for the right business partners so if this all sounds good, then please get in touch via the form below


Cake Stuff are the UK distributors for a number of top brands, including Agbay, Colour Mill, Couture sugarpaste, Faye Cahill lustres, Pastaline professional sheeters, RegalMarz marzipan, Chocolate Drip and the Suzanne Esper range

If you are a retailer who would like to stock some or any of these brands please get in touch and Craig, our Business Development Manager, will give you a call for a little chat.  Please understand that the prices you can currently view on our website are for retail customers.  Excellent margins and superb support are available to the right applicants