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Double Thick Cake Cards are (as the name suggests) more-or-less double the thickness of single thick cake cards - so normally 2-3mm thick, as they compress in storage - often stacked several hundred high.  You will also sometimes see a difference in thickness between manufacturers, although the strength of the board remains the same.

Double thick cake boards are designed for heavier sponge and novelty cakes. Normally available in round, square and oblong shapes, double thick cake cards have proper wrapped edges and white paper underside.  Cake Stuff recommend that before buying, you quickly check the price of the size you need against that of the equivalent thicker cake drum, as often there is very little price difference and the drum is that bit stronger again.

Hardboard Cake Cards are normally produced in various oblong sizes as an alternative to double thick cake boards, and occasionally these slightly different cake boards may be substituted for each other (one manufacturer produces hardboard, the other produces double-thick).  Hardboard cake cards offer good strength in larger sizes for novelty cakes and have proper wrapped edges and white paper underside.

The larger oblong hardboard / double thick cake boards are perfect for Wilton novelty cake tins, number cakes etc although Cake Stuff recommend that before buying, you quickly check the price of the equivalent size cake drum as often there is very little price difference and the cake drum is that bit stronger again.

Cake Stuff source all our cake boards from the UK's top two manufacturers... we do not import cheap cake boards. All Cake Stuff cake boards are manufactured to British Standards in fully licensed, hygienic UK factories. What's more, all our cake boards are sprayed with a microscopically thin film of invisible, odourless and totally flavourless antiseptic wax which prevents any bacterial growth. This, combined with our own hygienic storage and handling, allows us to sell single cake boards safely . . . simply wipe lightly before use.


PLEASE NOTE . . . all cake boards are traditionally hand finished so please allow a certain amount of variation in size and finish.  Please also note that the special food-approved paper covering may be in either "fern" (see cake drums) or "maple" (see hardboard cards) finish.  Shaped cake drums are largely hand-made, so variations of up to ½" in overall size should be allowed with larger sizes from around 14" upwards.   Small folds, creases, scratches and dents in the covering paper and a natural "bend" on thinner cards are all features occasionally found in the hand-finished product and are not considered faults.

Please also note actual thickness of cards may prove slightly less due to boards compacting in storage (often stored several hundred deep).

NON-UK CUSTOMERS PLEASE NOTE boards over 10" are too large for Air Mail.  Similarly, full packs of boards are normally too heavy for Air Mail.