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Renshaw is world renowned for their range of professional ready to roll sugarpaste fondant icing and marzipan - in fact Renshaw hold the royal warrant for 'purveyor of almond products'.  Few manufacturers share the heritage of J F Renshaw who can boast over 100 years in cake decorating

Renshaw offer a range of professional quality sugarpastes, each offering specific handling and performance qualities for different baking and cake decorating applications

Renshaw sugarpastes include . . .

  • Covering Paste - a softer handling sugarpaste originally developed for sheeting, Covering Paste needs minimal preparation so is popular with busy bakers who need to cover lots of cakes quickly.  Renshaw Covering Paste is available in white and ivory in 1kg retail packs, 2.5kg packs and 5kg boxes - Covering Paste is quite soft and when used on larger, deep cakes is more likely to tear, especially in warm, humid conditions  
  • Premium Cover Paste - a new mid-level sugarpaste that's not as soft as Covering Paste and has better covering properties that are ideal for the latest trend in larger and deeper cakes.  Premium Cover Paste offers some 'stretch' to give a professional finish and is unlikely to tear or crack - it is firmer to the touch and requires a bit of kneading to activate the gum before use.  Renshaw Premium Cover Paste is available in white and ivory in 2.5kg packs and 5kg boxes
  • Renshaw Professional Ready To Roll Icing is one of the best sugarpastes you can buy.  Over the years, virtually every professional cake maker, chef and sugar crafter has used it - many under the old name Regalice.  PLEASE NOTE that the 'Regalice' now sold in supermarkets is a cheap, sticky icing which has no connection to the professional quality original.  Renshaw now sell under the Decor-Ice sub brand.  Renshaw Professional Ready To Roll Icing requires a little kneading before use, has excellent covering properties and can also be used for simpler modelling.  Renshaw Professional Ready To Roll Icing is available in over 30 colours, including white and ivory in 250g retail packs, some in 1kg packs, 2.5kg packs and 5kg boxes
  • Renshaw Marzipan is a top quality almond marzipan in the style of continental almonds pastes, created with a blend of bitter and sweet almonds to offer the perfect marzipan to balance the flavour of rich fruit cakes.  Renshaw Marzipan is available in neutral / white (uncoloured) and in traditional golden (coloured) varieties in 500g and 1kg retail packs, 2.5kg packs and 5kg boxes

Cake Stuff are proud to stock the full range of Renshaw products, colours and pack sizes

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