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View the Petal Base icing cutter release agent sugarcraft 50g online at Cake Stuff
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Petal Base icing cutter release agent sugarcraft 50g
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Modelling Tools

Cake Stuff are delighted to offer an excellent range of sugarcraft modelling tools at excellent prices, from some of the world's top sugar craft brand names

We realise that many cake decorators have a favourite brand so we're happy to offer tools and equipment from FMM, PME, Wilton, JEM, Ateco, Kemper and others, and we're always actively searching out new, specialist suppliers to add to the range

From sugarcraft essentials like ball tools and bone tools, through to highly specialized scriber and incision tools - we're happy to offer as wide a range as we can find

Over the past couple of years there has been a bit of a hoo-haa in the cake decorating world over so-called copies - or fakes - found mainly on eBay.? While Cake Stuff fully support the efforts of British manufacturers to protect themselves from foreign copies, we do also feel it is important that everyone is totally honest - to avoid any customers being misled . . .

. . . the basic design of many icing modelling tools, cutters and other equipment are not protected by copyright.? If a company in China claims to be making FMM modelling tools then they are without doubt fakes - because FMM make their own in the UK.? However, if a company in China produces a ball tool which looks similar to a PME ball tool (PME tools are also made in China) then this is not a fake - because the actual design does not belong to PME to begin with

This may sound slightly convoluted but it will become increasing important over the next few years as more and more companies produce their own versions of what have been regarded as copyrighted designs.? Cake Stuff only ever sell the genuine brand name product advertised so you will never have to worry about fakes or illegal copies when buying from us

Del Cuore icing modelling tools and cutters are made in China from the same manufacturing designs used by PME - so are they any good?? Well, we've sold thousands and Cake Stuff customers tell us that although sometimes they may notice a little quality difference - these are pretty tiny and almost never affect the performance of the tool.? Cake Stuff are therefore happy to offer both the PME brand and the Del Cuore brand and to allow our customers to choose which is the best for them

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