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Florist Tape

Florist and sugarcraft tapes are a sugar craft essential and here at Cake Stuff we're delighted to offer the world's leading brand of floral wires and tapes, Hamilworth, alongside Stem-Tex - the range we've sold for years.? Both are great quality and represent excellent value - it comes to personal choice which brand you prefer

Most florist tape is supplied approximately 12mm-13mm (? inch) wide on 27m (just touching 30 yard) rolls.? We also offer Hamilworth 6mm wide tape in packs of 2 for more-or-less the same price as a single reel of 12mm wide tape.? Use the SELECT SIZE filter on the left of the screen to view the 6mm or 12mm tape ranges

Both Stemtex and Hamilworth florists tape is non-sticky but clings to itself when gently stretched.? Floral tape is colourfast and approved for use as an item coming into contact with food.

Stem-Tex tapes colours more-or-less match up with Culpitt sugarcraft wires and Hamilworth tapes match up with Hamilworth wires - as you probably guessed!? Slight shade differences can be expected but, generally, these are good matches

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