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View the ALPHABET 26 pc metal icing & cookie cutter set online at Cake Stuff
Kitchen Craft
ALPHABET 26 pc metal icing & cookie cutter set
  • RRP: $13.69 £9.99 A$18.91 CA$17.14 €11.96
  • Save: $1.43 £1.04 A$1.97 CA$1.78 €1.25
View the NUMBERS / NUMERALS 9 pc metal icing & cookie cutter set online at Cake Stuff
Kitchen Craft
NUMBERS / NUMERALS 9 pc metal icing & cookie cutter set
  • RRP: $9.58 £6.99 A$13.23 CA$11.99 €8.37
  • Save: $2.80 £2.04 A$3.86 CA$3.50 €2.44

Alphabet & Number Cutters

Cake Stuff offer sugarcraft cutters from all main manufacturers and hope to add even more to this department over time - FMM, PME, Wilton, Ateco, Orchard Products, Tinkertech, APC, Del Cuore, Clikstix and more will all feature heavily

FMM offer excellent quality with precise moulding giving sharp, clean edges that you can rely on to produce good results time after time. PME offer a more limited range of general cutters, but offer an excellent range of plunger style cutters.? All cutters sold by Cake Stuff are 100% genuine - please watch out for fakes flooding the market through eBay, Amazon and so on

FMM Tappit cutters offer excellent and cost-effective ranges of alphabet cutters but take a little practice to get used to.? It's like riding a bicycle - once the technique "clicks" with you, you'll never forget how to use them - giving you access to hundreds of great cutter designs at low prices.

Cake Stuff also offer a range of Clikstix cutters - similar to Tappits but with their own ejector bar attached, so slightly easier to use.? Unusually, Clickstix are made by one of our competitors but we make our customers the unconditional promise that we will always offer a better price than ordering direct from the manufacturer . . . we can't say fairer than that, can we?

We realise that some cake decorators prefer metal cutters and occasionally we will stock certain designs of stainless steel cutters but, on the whole, our customers prefer good quality plastic cutters.? They are seamless, have no welds which can rust, can be easily cleaned (dishwasher safe if not too hot) and are not expensive if you need to replace in a couple of years.? FMM and PME cutters are normally supplied in bubble packs and come complete with instructions

Sugarcraft cutters are divided in to general design groups - flower & leaf cutters, frill and shape cutters, alphabet & number cutters, plunger style cutters, Tappit cutters and so on, with cross-overs between the different groups where it's not always obvious which is the best way to describe them

With most plastic sugar craft cutters, we recommend the use of a release agent like Jem Petal Base and we also remind customers that although most cutters will work fine with good quality sugarpaste, all manufacturers state that for best results they should be used with flower / modelling paste

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