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Brushes & Airbrushes

Cake Stuff offer a full range of quality brushes - small brushes for applying icing colouring, edible glue, dusts, glitters etc and also pastry / glazing brushes

All brushes sold by Cake Stuff are made in the UK, are food-approved and meet all EU regulations for items coming into contact with foodstuffs.? Brushes are grouped in 5 main groups as shown below

Pure Sable? - top quality artists' brushes and, as the name says, 100% pure sable bristle - the finest brushes you can buy.? Varnished wooden handle (normally black) and aluminium ferrule.? The incredibly fine hairs hold dusting colours very well and with sizes from an incredibly fine "0000" there's no excuse for not being able to add the tiniest detail

Pencil Brushes - good quality artists' brushes made from 100% pure pony hair.? Varnished wooden handle (normally blue - sometimes maroon) and aluminium ferrule.? Although not as fine as sable, the natural hair holds dusting colours and liquids, such as edible glue, very well

Economy Pencil Brushes - as you can probably guess, the main difference between these and the Pencil Brushes above is that these have a plain wooden handle.? Also made from 100% pure pony hair, which is not waxed so has a more open texture - good for applying edible glue, dusts and lustres.? Plain wood handle and aluminium ferrule.? Good quality and excellent value

Dusting Brushes - excellent quality specialist brushes with synthetic bristle, shaped into a flat head for applying dusting colours, tints, lustre dusts etc.? Varnished wooden handle (normally maroon) and aluminium ferrule

Pastry & Glazing Brushes - traditional round and flat headed pastry / glazing brushes, both wooden with natural bristle and plastic with nylon bristles

Brushes are arranged in size order within each group.? As you browse through the various types and sizes of brushes, please be sure you are purchasing the correct product as we cannot accept the return of brushes for food hygiene reasons.? Brushes are not normally retail packed

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