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View the 5 NEON COLOUR multipack Regalice Decor-Ice sugarpaste ready to roll icing online at Cake Stuff
5 NEON COLOUR multipack Regalice Decor-Ice sugarpaste ready to roll icing
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Coloured Sugarpaste

Sugarpaste fondant cake icing is often called ready to roll icing or roll out icing and can give fantastic results which even first-time cake decorators will be able to achieve with ease.  Sugar paste icing is often referred to by brand names such as Regalice or Covapaste (in the same way that many of us refer to any vacuum cleaners as a Hoover) and sometimes known as rolled fondant - especially in the USA.


In the UK, fondant icing is really a soft, warmed icing used for fondant fancies and suchlike, whereas ready rolled sugarpaste icing is a cold product - used at room temperature for covering the cake.


With coloured sugarpaste icing it is very important to remember that each manufacturer has their own interpretation of colours . . . names of shades are used as an indication only and shades are subjective so please always try to buy a brand you are familiar with and don't mix and match brands or products.  Please note that shades can even vary slightly between batches of the same product from the same manufacturer and that all ivory coloured sugarpaste fondant icing will pale slightly as it dries.




Sugarpaste Fondant Icing general department information (please click on a specific product above for detailed information) . . . 

Sugarpaste cake icing is often called fondant, ready to roll icing or roll out icing and can give fantastic results which even first-time cake decorators will be able to achieve with ease.  Sugar paste icing is also often referred to by brand names such as Regalice or Covapaste in the same way that many of us refer to any vacuum cleaners as a Hoover and sometimes known as rolled fondant - especially in the USA.

In the UK, fondant icing is really a soft, warmed icing used for fondant fancies and suchlike, whereas ready rolled sugarpaste icing is a cold product - used at room temperature for covering the cake.


Couture is the new Great British sugarpaste everyone is talking about.

Cake Stuff highly recommend Couture artisan sugarpaste fondant icing - made exclusively for us to our own unique specification by a specialist manufacturer using the very highest quality ingredients, drawing on over 35 years experience in the cake decorating industry and the feedback of hundreds of our customers.  Couture sugarpaste contains natural gums which give outstanding handling and covering performance - similar to Massa Ticino and Satinice (see below).  Couture icing is made using ultra fine icing sugar ground to only 10 microns, to offer the smoothest fondant paste yet - it doesn't crack or craze, tear or form 'elephant skin'. Couture is ideal for taller, deeper or larger cakes as it has a natural stretch and won't droop or tear easily.  It is VERY IMPORTANT to remember to knead well before use to activate the gums for best performance.  Couture is suitable for both covering and modelling - dries to a smooth, porcelain like finish and can be coloured using paste / gel icing colouring.

Couture luxury sugarpaste icing is available in 2.5kg and 5kg packs in both white and ivory.  The 5kg box contains 2 x 2.5kg sealed packs for convenience.


Cake Stuff are one of very few UK cake supplies retailers to stock both types of the famous Massa Ticino sugarpaste by Karma.  Considered by many as the ultimate sugarpaste, Carma was founded in Switzerland in 1931 by Carl Maentler ? a Swiss guy with a sweet tooth!  Carma first developed their Massa Ticino sugarpaste in 1963 and it quickly earned a reputation for being one of the world’s best sugar pastes.  50 years later Carma have launched nine new colours - all created from natural origins, so they are free from the AZO dyes and any animal derived products.  Mass Ticino is still made in Switzerland to an exacting recipe, Massa Ticino offers outstanding workability. It is a perfect choice for covering cakes due to its high elasticity it will not rip, crack or form "elephant skin" whilst being used, and will smooth to a perfect finish and dries to a crisp shell.

As with any top quality product, Massa Ticino is more expensive than other brands and there's not a lot we can do with the price, but Cake Stuff are committed to offering our customers the best possible prices in the UK.  Don't be put off by the price - many customers claim that Massa Ticino is no more expensive than other brands because (1) you can roll very thinly so actually use a lot less and (2) its performance avoids re-covering due to tears, elephant skin etc

Massa Ticino is available in 7kg re-sealable tubs in Original White and Tropic White, which is designed for use in warmer climate and preferred by many customers.  Massa Ticino is also available in white, ivory and a range of colours in smaller retail packs.


Cake Stuff have always recommended Professional Ready To Roll Icing / Regalice made by Renshaw - holders of the royal warrant.  The name Regal Ice was sold by Renshaw and now unfortunately appears on packs of cheap Dr Oetker supermarket icing, so Renshaw re-named the product as Ready To Roll Icing.  This causes confusion because the generic term 'ready to roll' is associated with cheaper types of roll our fondant icing.  Renshaw Professional Ready To Roll / Regal Ice is a high quality sugarpaste icing which has excellent handling and covering properties, is not too sticky and less prone to crack than supermarket ready to roll icing  Please note Professional Regalice is not the same product as cheaper Dr Oetker / SuperCook Regalice now sold in UK supermarkets. 

Professional Ready To Roll / Regalice is available in white and ivory in 250g, 500g, 1kg, 2?kg and 5kg packs, and in a full range of colours in 250g packs, plus some colours also available in 2?kg and 5kg packs.  Renshaw Professional Ready To Roll Icing has been the top selling sugar paste for many years - in fact Regalice is over 100 years old - so we reckon just about every customer will be familiar with the product.  Renshaw are now part of a larger group of food companies have re-branded Regalice as Professional Decor-Ice Ready To Roll Icing.

Renshaw have discontinued 5kg and 10kg trade blocks and are now supplying all bulk Professional Ready To Roll Icing in 2.5kg sleeve packs - this allows us to offer price breaks when buying 5kg or 10kg and multiples thereof.  5kg (2 x 2?kg sleeve packs) may be supplied in a Renshaws outer box or be re-packed by Cake Stuff - this is because the original box may have contained 10kg (4 packs).  All 2.5kg sleeve packs are guaranteed 100% genuine Renshaw and will have the authentic Renshaw labelling but outer boxes may vary depending on how stock has arrived with us.

We feel that the change of name to Professional Ready To Roll Icing could confuse a premium sugarpaste with cheaper, sticky supermarket roll out icings so if you receive stocks of the new-style packs of sugarpaste and can't find the word 'Regalice' anywhere, please be assured this still is Professional Ready To Roll Icing / Regalice as we all know it.  We continue to refer to it as Regalice as this is really what everyone knows it as.


For busier cake makers and trade customers, Cake Stuff also recommend our best-selling Sugarpaste - Renshaw's Covering Paste sugarpaste fondant icing.  Available in white and ivory, Covering Paste is also also manufactured by Renshaw and offers excellent handling and covering properties, combined with a deliciously subtle vanilla flavour. Covering Paste is a softer icing designed for sheeting and for busier cake makers who need to cover lots of cakes quickly and with minimal preparation.

Not as dry or firm to work with as Professional Decor-Ice Ready To Roll IcingCovering Paste is available in 2.5kg and 5kg trade packs - each 5kg box of Renshaws' Covering Paste sugarpaste contains 2 x 2.5kg sealed packs which is a great feature as it prevents the sugarpaste from drying out if you don't need to use all 5kg at once. For customers used to using BAKO or K&B Sugarpaste we would highly recommend this product as an extremely similar and well-priced alternative.


Premium Cover Paste sits somewhere in between Covering Paste and Professional Ready To Roll Icing / Regalice. Renshaw Premium Cover Paste is ideal for deeper, larger or taller cakes and won't stretch as much as Covering Paste so there is less chance of tearing.  Premium Cover Paste contains Xanthan gum which some customers prefer to avoid but has good covering and handling properties - firmer than Covering Paste but softer than Professional Decor-Ice Ready To Roll Icing.

Premium Cover Paste is available in 2.5kg and 5kg trade packs - each 5kg box of Renshaws' Premium Cover Paste contains 2 x 2.5kg sealed packs


Renshaw's new 'Extra' takes us one step up from Premium Cover Paste and has been developed for taller, deeper cakes where its elastic qualities really come in to their own.  Extra firm and extra elastic, Renshaw Extra is a premium sugarpaste that can compete with Couture and Massa TicinoRenshaw Extra is available in white only, in 5kg boxes - each 5kg box of Renshaw's Extra contains 2 x 2.5kg sealed packs


Cake Stuff also recommend Flemings Covapaste - another top quality trade sugar paste fondant icing available in white and ivory, with good covering properties and a lovely, almost fudgey, vanilla flavour. Covapaste is aimed at professional bakers with pinning and sheeting equipment as it slightly more elastic than other brands, but can just as easily be used by home bakers and cake decorators.

Cova paste is also available in 2.5kg and 5kg trade packs - each 5kg box of Covapaste contains 2 x 2.5kg sealed packs.


Cake Stuff also stock Satinice - the rolled fondant sugar paste icing made famous thanks to the huge popularity of American TV cake shows.  Available in 1kg, 2.5kg and 10kg plastic pails, Satin Ice does not smell as sweet as British sugar pastes but has good covering properties due to the inclusion of gums in the recipe.  Available in white (vanilla) and ivory with more colours sometimes available in 1kg pots.  Satinice is difficult to stock in any quantity because the UK distributors only import one container load at a time and, once this sells, we sometimes have to wait several weeks for the next container arriving and clearing customs.  Satinice is an excellent product but if this is the brand you prefer, our advice is always to have some extra in stock!


Developed in Italy by SaracinoPasta Top is a luxury quality sugarpaste icing that works extremely well in warmer, humid conditions - much like Massa Ticino TropicPasta Top has excellent elastic handling and covering properties and is available in white and comes in a 5kg plastic pail.


Cake Stuff also stock Cake Decorating Sugar Paste fondant icing from Culpitt.  Culpitt sugarpaste has what the baking industry a 'cleaner eat', by which we mean a less gummy texture and handles well for both covering and modelling, so it is certainly worth considering.  Culpitt sugarpaste is available in original white (being discontinued), brilliant white and ivory in 5kg plastic pails.


Sugarcraft legend Karen Davies has developed a sugar paste specifically for use with her own excellent range of moulds. Available in 1kg packs of white in either delicious Marshmallow or Vanilla flavours.


M&B of London have been making luxury quality sugarpaste icing for over 30 years.  The 'old M&B  had a reputation for being quite soft and sticky but the new reformulated M&B sugarpaste is much better, offering a fantastic range of colours in 250g retail packs. Softer and easier to work straight from the pack than some brands, M&B is ideal for occasional cake makers needing a fast solution to ready-coloured icing.


Cake Stuff also stock a range of premium colours and flavoured sugarpaste fondant icing from Beau Products.  Beau Products are well known for their excellent icing / food flavourings and also offer a range of delicious coloured sugarpaste icing, ready flavoured to match the colour.


Cake Stuff also stock Bakers' Fondant - please remember that although used as a term for sugarpaste icing in the USA, the term 'fondant' has a different meaning in UK baking and cake decorating circles and is not the same as roll-out sugarpaste icing.  Bakers' Fondant is very pure and therefore also extremely popular with beekeepers as an emergency bee food like Ambrosia.

"OK - so which brand am I best using?" . . . the question we're asked all the time.

The simple answer is - there isn't a simple answer(!).  Everyone has a slightly different way of working and, as with most things in life, will find their own personal favourite.  Based on sales and customer feedback we're happy to offer the following summary, but perhaps the safest solution is to buy one of our exclusive sugarpaste & marzipan sample packs and try all the brands for yourself.


  • COUTURE is a luxury quality artisan sugarpaste fondant icing made exclusively for us by a specialist sugarcraft manufacturer using the very highest quality ingredients including ultra fine icing sugar and expensive Gum Tragacanth, to offer the smoothest fondant paste yet.  Couture doesn't crack or craze, tear or form elephant skin. Couture sugarpaste icing contains natural gums which give outstanding handling and covering performance but it is VERY IMPORTANT to knead well before use to activate the gums for best performance.  Cake Stuff Couture is suitable for both covering and modelling - dries to a smooth, porcelain like finish and can be coloured using paste / gel icing colouring.
  • COVAPASTE - a famous trade sugarpaste icing with a lovely flavour.  Lovely vanilla flavour and scent with excellent covering properties although can occasionally contain air bubbles as manufactured as a hot product.  Covapaste is perfect for wedding and other celebration cakes but is intended for trade bakers with sheeting equipment, so it is essential to knead well to activate the gums.  Once you do this, the covering properties of Covapaste really are very good


  • SATINICE - cake decorating TV shows are now hugely popular in the UK and this is the brand all the American big names use.  Satinice doesn't have as sweet an aroma as British sugarpaste and some customers describe the handling properties as being similar to plasticine - not a bad thing, we stress, but this highlights the l covering properties of Satinice due to the inclusion of gums in the recipe.  This is essential for the hotter states in the USA where the paste must hold itself in pretty extreme temperatures.  More expensive than UK brands mainly because of high shipping costs from the USA and a poor exchange rate against the US dollar.
  • CULPITT CAKE DECORATING SUGAR PASTE - available in white, ivory, this is a good quality sugarpaste with a 'clean eat', feeling less gummy than some other brands. Supplied in 5kg plastic buckets.  Probably being discontinued.
  • BEAU PRODUCTS SUGARPASTE - a new name which is attracting a huge amount of interest.  What we love is the way they've taken something as 'basic' (to cake decorators) as sugarpaste and added their own unique twist . . . vibrant colours and flavours.  Flavoured sugarpaste icing isn't actually a new idea - a Scottish manufacturer tried to launch flavoured icing 20 years ago but the market just wasn't ready and the idea never really caught on.  However, Beau Products have really come up trumps with their new range . . . you can buy the sugar paste already flavoured, or buy the flavourings on their own to add to your own preferred brand of sugarpaste. Mixing colours and flavours means the possibilities are endless!!!

Please have a good browse - we'll be adding more colours and flavours of sugarpaste over the coming months but, meantime, please try them and let us know your opinion. 

Colours shown on this site are limited by photography and shades will vary on different PC monitors.

As you browse colours and pack sizes, please be sure you are purchasing the correct product as we cannot accept the return of sugarpaste for food safety reasons.  This does not affect your statutory rights.

How much sugarpaste will you need to cover your cake?  Please see our CAKE COVERING GUIDE table

SHIPPING SUMMARY:  most orders to UK mainland customers are delivered by DPD and APC Couriers.  Orders to UK non-mainland customers (Northern Ireland, Scottish Islands, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, other UK offshore islands and BFPO addresses) may be shipped by Royal Mail or courier depending on weight.

Please watch for special delivery instructions in the DELIVERY & RETURNS tab - especially as many items may be too large and/or too heavy for Air Mail.

Cake Stuff do not accept the return of any edible products unless supplied incorrectly or damaged.  When you order an edible product from Cake Stuff you can do so in the complete confidence that it has only ever been stored by the manufacturer and Cake Stuff.  This policy ensures Food Safety is never compromised.  If we were to allow the return of edible products we would have no control over how these products were stored - not everyone's house is as clean as we like our own - edible products could be stored somewhere unhygienic, next to the dog's food bowl or in the boot of a car exposed to oil etc.  Put simply, Cake Stuff will not take risks with Food Safety so we will not re-sell any product returned by a customer.  For this reason we can only accept returns where there is a recognized problem with the order or product.  Our Food Safety policy protects your safety, the safety of you children or your own customers, so we would ask your understanding.



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