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View the Marzipan ESSENTIALS - 5 pack x 250g online at Cake Stuff
Marzipan ESSENTIALS - 5 pack x 250g
  • RRP: $9.47 £7.49 A$14.32 CA$12.83 €8.70
  • Save: $0.19 £0.15 A$0.29 CA$0.26 €0.17
View the 1kg continental almond paste marzipan online at Cake Stuff
1kg continental almond paste marzipan
  • RRP: $12.63 £9.99 A$19.10 CA$17.11 €11.61
  • Save: $0.68 £0.54 A$1.03 CA$0.92 €0.63
View the 5kg continental almond paste marzipan (5 x 1kg) online at Cake Stuff
5kg continental almond paste marzipan (5 x 1kg)
  • RRP: $63.13 £49.95 A$95.48 CA$85.54 €58.05
  • Save: $6.57 £5.20 A$9.94 CA$8.91 €6.04


Marzipan is an ancient foodstuff, often also?known as?almond paste and?normally made from a blend of ground almonds and natural sugars.

Cake Stuff?recommend Renshaw (holders of the royal warrant) Rencol Marzipan and White Continental Almond Paste.? These professional quality almond marzipans are classed as natural or "white" - meaning they do not have the yellow-gold colouring often found in cheaper supermarket marzipans.

Cake Stuff also recommend our Premium Natural Marzipan - produced by Renshaw?and labelled for Cake Stuff as own-brand marzipan.? This is our best-selling marzipan and is available in 2.5kg (5.5lb) and 5kg (11lb) trade packs with price breaks on larger quantities,?offering great quality and fantastic value for money for busier cake makers.

Cake Stuff marzipan / almond paste is made with a blend of sweet Californian and more bitter?Mediterranean almonds, offering a maripan which is not too oily or sticky, has exceptional covering properties and a flavour which is perfectly balanced for fruit cakes.? Cake Stuff marzipan can also be used for modelling and confectionery.

As obvious as it may seem, we are legally obliged to state that marzipan is a nut product and unsuitable for anyone with a nut allergy or intolerance.? Marzipan is suitable for vegetarians.

Cake Stuff and Renshaw marzpans all have a minimum almond content of at least 25% - higher than cheaper supermarket almond flavouried covering pastes and "marzipans".? Higher grade marzipan is sometimes available but the high almond content can often make them too dry for baking and cake decorating, so they are better suited to confectionery and modelling.

As you browse pack sizes, please be sure you are purchasing the correct product as we cannot accept the return of marzipan for food safety reasons.? This does not affect your statutory rights.

Marzipan can also be coloured very effectively using concentrated Sugarflair paste colourings and Ateco and Wilton concentrated gel colourings.? Marzipan can also be coloured with powder and dust colours such as Sugarflair Blossom Tint or Rainbow Dust Plain?& Simple colourings.?

Marzipan is an ancient foodstuff and has been found in Egyptian tombs dating back several thousand years.

How much marzipan will you need to cover your cake?? (table)???

SHIPPING SUMMARY:? most orders to customers with?UK mainland addresses are normally shipped by APC Couriers.? Orders to UK non-mainland addresses (Northern Ireland, Scottish Islands, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, Channel Islands, other UK offshore islands?and BFPO addresses)?may be?shipped by Royal Mail or APC depending on weight.? Orders to all other countries up to 2kg are shipped by Air Mail Small Parcels.? We would ask non-UK customers to please bear this in mind when putting together an order of heavier items such as sugarpaste . . . Cake Stuff prices are very low, but?Air Mail?costs are not within our control.

V E R Y??? I M P O R T A N T??? S H I P P I N G??? I N F O R M A T I O N? . . . marzipan cannot be shipped outside the UK (except to BFPO addresses)? under any circumstances for a reason you may be surprised to hear . . .? modern commercial explosives have no real smell of their own, so a scent is added to help detect explosives.? The internationally adopted scent just happens to be "almond".? Sniffer dogs and some electronic detectors (eg at airports) will identify marzipan as suspected explosives.? We hope the rest is obvious . . . there is simply no way we can attempt to ship marzipan outside the UK unless by courier.

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