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View the 'Sugar Plus' COLOURLESS / CLEAR Isomalt - 500g online at Cake Stuff
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'Sugar Plus' COLOURLESS / CLEAR Isomalt - 500g
  • RRP: $9.32 £6.99 A$12.65 CA$12.11 €7.81
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View the COLOURLESS / CLEAR Isomalt ready tempered 125g online at Cake Stuff
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Squires Kitchen
COLOURLESS / CLEAR Isomalt ready tempered 125g
  • RRP: $7.98 £5.99 A$10.84 CA$10.38 €6.70
  • Save: $1.39 £1.04 A$1.88 CA$1.80 €1.16


Isomalt is a sugar-free alternative for biscuit and cookie centres and for really eye catching cake decorating applications.? Isomalt sets to a semi-transparent finish resembling stained glass

Available in a range of colours, Isomalt can be used by pouring and setting, with moulds or with spun and pulled sugar techniques

Squire's Kitchen Isomalt is pre-tempered so it can be easily melted in the microwave

Isomalt is a sugar substitute produced by treating sugar beet with enzymes.? Isomalt is chemically grouped as di-saccharide alcohol (polyol), it is safe for the teeth and has 50% less calories than table sugar.? Food containing Isomalt induces a lower blood glucose rise and lower insulinemic response after consumption compared to sugar

WARNING - not suitable for children to use - Isomalt has a melting point of 145?C to 150?C and exceeds 180?C in a microwave - please exercise caution as serious burns are possible - additional safety information on pack

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