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Metallic Icing Colouring & Edible Paint

Metallic icing colouring can add spectacular detail to cakes.? Food technology has really come on a long way recently and these exciting products offer some fantastic possibilities which simply weren't possible even?just a few?years ago.? They are well worth exploring and are guaranteed to give your cakes a real "bling" factor.

Cake Stuff recommend Sugarflair Metallic Icing Liquid Colourings?- these are?basically edible gold / silver leaf or glitter suspended in alcohol.? When painted on to icing the alcohol evaporates, leaving behind a stunning metallic lustre on the cake.

For best results, use by brushing / painting on to dry sugarpaste ready to roll icing, marzipan or royal icing.? Although there's nothing to stop you also mixing with icing, we do not recommend this as to create a true metallic effect you'd have to add so much it would seriously alter the consistency (and taste) of the icing.? Sugarflair icing colourings are fat free, nut free, gluten free, GM free and are also suitable for vegetarians.? Extend the life of metallic liquid icing colours by adding Rejuvenator Fluid if you feel them drying out.

Cake Stuff also highly recommends Rainbow Dust Edible Icing Paints?- a new addition to the range.? Edible icing paints are 100% edible but, unlike Sugarflair metallic icing colours, are water based so cleaning brushes and equipment is easy - and there's no alcohol / spirit to possibly taint the taste of the icing so they're more suitable for covering larger areas.? Certified Kosher and Halal, GM free, nut free and gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

Edible icing paint food colours can be applied to detailed areas with a brush, or used to cover larger areas with the Easycover Sponge applicator.? These natural, sterilized sponges give a beautiful finish without the relative expense of using lustre aerosol sprays.

The really clever bit is that because the pigment is sealed on to the surface of the icing when the paint dries, it won't smudge or turn "dusty".? Rainbow Dust Edible Metallic Paints mean it's now perfectly possible for most cake decorators to achieve a uniform, metallic or pearlescent finish without having to use aerosols sprays.? Brilliant!

Rainbow Dust edible paints are now also available in pre-loaded Click-Twist Brushes, a really great idea to save busy cake makers time.? Simply use like a felt-tip pen, except the tip is a paint brush.? One Click Twist brush was enough to paint 170 x 3cm wide sugar hearts so coverage is excellent.? Edible paint dries in 10-15 minutes and is virtually smudge free.

Cake Stuff are also delighted to stock Sugarflair's new Edible Glitter Paints and because we know Sugarflair has an army of loyal fans, we're more than happy to offer these as alternatives to the Rainbow Dust paints.? Edible Glitter Paint has even more light catching properties than normal edible paint and really adds some "bling" detail to your cakes.

As you browse through the icing colourings, please be sure you are purchasing the correct product as we cannot accept the return of colours (even if unopened) for food safety reasons.? This does not affect your statutory rights.

Please remember colours shown on this site are limited by photography and shades may appear to vary on different PC monitors.

Cake Stuff?wish to highlight to our Muslim customers and those of other faiths which do not permit any consumption of alcohol that Sugarflair edible metallic icing colourings are alcohol suspensions.? Even although most of the alcohol evaporates (ie they are perfectly safe for children's cakes), we respect your beliefs but as edible items cannot be returned, want you to please be aware of this before you buy.

We would also point out to our Jewish customers that although you will often see Sugarflair Metallic Liquid Icing Colours described as Kosher on other websites, they are not (this is down to an error on one of the Sugarflair shade cards supplied to stockists).? Sugarflair pastes, pens, liquids, dusts etc are certified Kosher (Kedassia), but the metallic liquid range is not.

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