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LILAC GLACIER sparkle food contact glitter 5g
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Food Contact Glitter

Logic suggests Food Contact Glitter is found in The Edibles department but it is not actually classed as "edible".

Cake Stuff have always stocked edible and food contact glitters but there's been a lot of controversy (and confusion) over the past year or two?regarding cake glitters, lustres and dusts - largely caused by certain people incorrectly calling the products "edible glitter".? So even although you'll see Kirsty Allsop, The Hairy Bakers, Nigella Lawson, the folk from the Great British Bake-Off and just about every other TV chef sprinkling them on to cakes and cupcakes, it is important to be aware of the differences between "edible" and "non-toxic" glitters.

Cake Stuff have been working with the Food Standards Agency over the past couple of years and are?delighted to report that the FSA has now offered at least some clarity on the situation.?

We feel that if we try summarise or paraphrase the FSA advice, we may unintentionally add to the confusion by using different terminology, missing out a word etc so we have decided to summarise the main points below in the broadest terms and to refer our customers to the FSA website where they can see the full information for themselves.? The FSA have presented this in a fairly simple Q&A style format, so it's not difficult to follow.? We would advise all customers who make cakes as part of a business (even if a part-time or home business) to read this information.

The FSA website advice on cake glitters can be visited by clicking here.

Here's the Cake Stuff summary - this is our interpretation of the regulations offered purely as broad guidance . . .

  • "Glitter" is often used to refer to edible lustres and dusts as well as non-toxic gitter.? This in itself causes confusion so please take the word "glitter" to include lustres, powders, sprinkles and dusts
  • Rainbow Dust (the leading manufacturer) split their range between the Edible Silk Range (edible) and The Sparkle Range (non-toxic).? Be aware of this split when viewing the range
  • Only glitter clearly labelled as "edible" can be used on food intended for consumption.? Edible glitters must show ingredients, approved food additives (E numbers) and a BBE date.? There is no requirement for a security seal although some brands to supply products with seals
  • Non-toxic glitters have been tested and approved by the FSA for use on decorations and other items coming into contact with the cake, but not on the cake itself . . . ie they should not to be used as sprinkles.? Non-toxic glitters can be used on sugarcraft models or flowers, which would be removed from the cake and not eaten.? Should any of the glitter migrate on to the cake and be eaten accidentally, it has been classed as non-toxic so poses no immediate harm
  • However . . . not all brands of glitter have been tested for use in contact with food and several companies continue to sell "non toxic glitter" which may have had no testing whatsoever in relation to food safety.? Some of these glitters are plastic - mainly from India and the Far East where plastic is recycled to a large extent.? The concern of the FSA is that the original source of some of these plastics cannot possibly be known and that, as certain plastics contain chemicals which are known carcinogens (ie can cause cancer), the latent effect over many years of consumption is simply still unknown.? Although almost all the glitter passes through the body (sparkly loo bowls!) a small amount can remain in the body and if the product is used continually over many years, could build up to pose a potential health risk.? Cake Stuff does not stock, and never has stocked, any such non-tested / non-approved brands of glitter
  • Obviously no-one in their right mind would intentionally expose children to such a risk - no matter how small - so Cake Stuff want to make our customers aware of the situation and of FSA advice.? All Rainbow Dust glitter is correctly labelled and correctly described on the site, so both the manufacturer and seller have done everything required of them . . . the ultimate decision about how to use the product lies with the customer
  • "Edible" glitters should be thought of as 100% edible
  • "Non-toxic" glitters should be thought of as non-edible, but safe

We hope this helps clarify the position.? For more detailed information please?click here to see?the FSA's "Guidance launched in edible glitters and dusts"


Cake Stuff?recommends Rainbow Dust . . . quite probably the best range of edible and food-contact cake glitters and glitter dusts you can buy today - and they're made in the UK!

Compared to other brands like Gemz and EdAble Art, many customers have told us Rainbow Dusts are much better, have a more brilliant "sparkle" and most are not water soluble, so won't dissolve if they come into contact with moist icing.

Rainbow Dusts glitters are cut by laser to give each tiny particle a prismatic surface which catches the light for a breathtaking effect.? Please experiment with colours and add a new shade or two to your collection each time you visit as the pots will last for ages.

PLEASE NOTE not all Rainbow Dust pots have seals but, where they do, can we ask you to not the following? . . .

?our picking teams here at Cake Stuff are taught to check-tighten every lid of every product when packing your order - this may occasionally mean we break a paper sticker-seal if we come across a loose lid.? Please regard this is a good sign (ie that we tightened a loose lid to prevent spillage) as opposed to something sinister in that the seal has been moved or torn.? The seals are really there for retail shops - to discourage customers from opening lids.? We don't have that problem here and seals are in no way a legal requirement, so please understand why occasionally one may appear torn.

As you browse through the Rainbow Dusts, please be sure you are purchasing the correct product as we cannot accept the return of edible or food-contact items (even if unopened) for food safety reasons.? This does not affect your statutory rights.

Please remember colours shown on this site are limited by photography and shades may appear to vary on different PC monitors.

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